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Teaching OCR Chem A

Discussion in 'Science' started by sac2kmw, Jun 25, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    Have not had a huge amount of experience teaching this A-Level,Have 10x50 min periods a fortnight split between 2 teachers (so 5 each)

    3 Questions
    1 - Do you examine in Jan - do results suggest it is worth this?
    2- How do you split the teaching, if in fact you do?
    3- Is it possible to have one teacher take Unit 1 and Prac assessments, and the other Unit 2 - or is the knowledge gained in unit 1 key to the teaching of unit 2?

  2. ScienceGuy

    ScienceGuy Established commenter

    1. Yes we do. It gives a boost to the ones making a good start and a wake up call to those who have been more relaxed in their approach
    2. We have 9 x 1hour lessons per fortnight split between the two teachers. For AS Unit 1 one teacher teaches module 1, the other module 2 with Module 3 being split. For Unit 2 One teacher teaches the organics (Module 1 and half of module 2) whislt the other teacher does the rest (spectroscopy from Module 2 with Module 3 and 4). For A2 my school is unusual in that it teaches F325 first (as nearly all the practical tasks are taken from this unit). Last year we split transition metals between the two AS teachers (getting it completed before the end of Year 12) with one teacher teaching Module 2 and the acids part of Module 1, the other teacher completing the rest of module 1. For F324, One teacher taugth spectroscopy and some organics (usually the work on polymers) whilst the other teacher just does the organic work. The precise split varies depending on the teachers who are sharing a class.
    3. In my view it would be difficult to do the split in the way you are suggesting as a lot of Unit 2 builds on work from Unit 1 e.g. in the organic unit they may be asked to do calculations from Module 1 but they need to know electron properties to understand the mechanisms.

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