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Teaching New AQA A-Level Geography

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by Teacher0800, May 31, 2016.

  1. Teacher0800

    Teacher0800 New commenter


    Has anyone begun to plan or think about how they are going to go around teaching the new AQA AS/ A-Level Geography Specification for September 2016? I have begun to plan, but without any other online resources to look at and develop from and the fact that teaching guides are not yet available has not helped my progress with planning and preparation of the units which are new and i have never taught such as Global Systems and Global Governance, Changing Places.

    If anyone has begun to plan or think about ideas for lessons perhaps we could help each other with planning of units?
  2. lauramarieblack

    lauramarieblack New commenter

    Hello, I too am finding the planning of the new modules very time consuming. I have started with Changing Places - what about you? Happy to share if you are still happy to?
  3. tiffanyb1

    tiffanyb1 New commenter

    Hello, like both of you, I am struggling to come up with interesting and engaging ways of delivering this: I'm starting with and optional module Contemp. Urban Environments... if you feel like sharing anything at any point, I will happily collaborate!... I am new to this too..
  4. tocs1988

    tocs1988 New commenter

    Hi all,
    I have made the first few lessons for teaching Changing Places. Send over your emails and we can get a thread going for sharing resources.
  5. lauramarieblack

    lauramarieblack New commenter

  6. tocs1988

    tocs1988 New commenter

    Hi Laura,
    I've sent you some introduction slides to get started.
  7. shorton93

    shorton93 New commenter

    Steph281@hotmail.co.uk is my email, I would very much appreciate any resources that you have please. I am currently planning global systems so I can send them to you when done.
  8. NatalieB1

    NatalieB1 New commenter

    Hi, I am currently planning Changing Places and have lots of ideas but am struggling to make things definite/concrete! would welcome swopping ideas. jaretbennett@btinternet.com
  9. alihodkin

    alihodkin New commenter

    I have made a SOW for changing places but not satisfied with how I've incorporated the 2 place studies into this. Anyone found a good ways of teaching the place studies? Happy to share resources.
  10. stevecampion81

    stevecampion81 New commenter

    Hi all, I am teaching Changing Places, finding it tough going to be honest, but happy to share what I have. I'm working with another teacher in the city who is ace and has planned some helpful lessons. I'm particularly finding assessment a struggle, so few example questions available. Does anyone have any they have created? Thanks all.
  11. pReCiOuS_87

    pReCiOuS_87 New commenter

    Hi all, like many of you I am also new to this (in fact new to teaching A level completely!). I have started with changing places and would appreciate any ideas or resources people have planned. As mentioned by others, I am also more than happy to share resources too.
  12. sherrierennie

    sherrierennie New commenter

    I'm new to teaching the new a level spec. My dept started with the physical paper this year, so now we're moving onto paper 2. any resources would be really helpful. Have you started physical papers yet? Happy to share resources.
  13. eharris77

    eharris77 New commenter


    Totally brand new to this and have to start teaching on Monday, any advice would be greatly appreciated as I am not sure what the previous teacher has done, I know I have a fresh canvas with the AS students this year, but I am feeling a little concerned over the fact I really don't know what A level class has done.

    Also I am a little confused over what topics to pick to teach, so any advice would be amazing.

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