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Teaching months of the year KS1

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by lousie, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. lousie

    lousie New commenter

    I am on my second placement in a year 1/2 class. I have to teach them the months of the year. I cannot think of a way to introduce it? I have a calender and the months to talk about. But I don't know what to do. Also any ideas for activities after the session?
    Thank you
  2. I'm a secondary teacher so I have no idea really - surely this sort of thing is taught at home, how bizarre that it should be up to schools to teach it!! If I wanted my own child to learn the months of the year quickly (i.e. in a lesson, rather than as an ongoing drip feed of context) I guess I would have some cards with the months and maybe some others with events, like Christmas, summer holiday, halloween etc, and also make one for her birthday, and match them up together, and also try to think of something that happens in each month for when there isn't an event. Link it to the seasons, maybe.
    In a classroom you could do it via their birthdays, make a display showing al the children who have their birthday in each month.
  3. ks1/2? - good grief! there are plenty of you-tube videos out there, but they are usually aimed at pre-schoolers
    just google images 'months', and you come up with plenty pretty printables
    for kids who know what they are doing, can you have an 'extension' worksheet along the lines of '.... is 2 months after april' '.... is 3 months before june' - go over the year to challenge more
    word problems - j's birthday is 2 months before k's - k's birthday is.... wghen is j's, that sort of thing
    oh - also extension, i guess, number of days in each month
    (there must be kids in such a class who already know their months - surely!!)
  4. DeborahCarol

    DeborahCarol New commenter

    Rustybug, coincidentally, I'm teaching a Year 8 months of the year right now! I was amazed to find she couldn't say the twelve months of the year in order, ie she kept missing May, and September.
    Does this matter? Well, it came up because she's in lowest set (no particular learning difficulties though) and I was working through a Level 3-5 SAT paper. She got most of a question wrong because of this - from memory, the question was to do with a baby's birthdate, date of its first smile, etc.
    I must admit I can't think how she could have got to the age of twelve without knowing them, but...she doesn't. She did seem embarrassed about it.
    So, as 'time' (including months of the year) is on the maths syllabus and occasionally crops up in SAT papers, I think we need to teach it, so that children don't 'fall through the cracks' on this, minor topic though it is. It would be a pity for a child to fall a mark short of a Level 4 in KS2 because they didn't know May followed April!
    Thinking aloud...perhaps children are less likely to be conscious of the order of the names of the months if they have got used to writing the date in their exercise books in numeric format? Any theories as to why this student has 'missed' this everyday information would be welcome.
    (We've been chanting...)

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