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Teaching Media in a Private School - advice please

Discussion in 'Media studies' started by ms media, Sep 23, 2010.

  1. I am meeting with a man who owns several private schools and is interested in modernising them, to discuss the possibility introducing Film and Media. I teach in a state school that is the complete opposite, demographically speaking, so was wondering if anyone has some experience with teaching Media in fee paying or very high achieving schools?
    I need to make a case for why it would be a good idea, but know that top universities are a little sniffy to say the least about Media.
    I can talk about the more high-brow A-Level content, but it would be great to know more about how people make a success of Media and more importantly, gain parental and staff respect for the subject in these schools.
    Thanks very much in advance.
  2. I teach in a private school and am Head of Media Studies. The cross curricular links is a way in. Discuss the amount of ecomonics, politics and history the subject covers. Also, we live in a media saturated world - deconstructing it will empower the students.
    With regards to the top universities attitude to the subject there are mixed messages. A pupil wanting to study at Oxford probably wouldn't pick the subject anyway but i have a letter in The Times from the admissions people of Oxford University which dispells that 'myth'.
    The way you gain respect is through the quality of work and accreditation - it takes time. I had to be awarded a Good School Award before people really started to listen! Also, do lots of cross curricular (e.g. the BBC school report project) and get other departments to use media technology in their lessons (history presentations filmed and shown at the end of the lesson etc).
    Good luck.
  3. Thanks very much, that's really helpful. We do a lot of cross-curricular work here, so I should be able to come up with plenty of ideas for that. Amazing that you have that letter. I don't suppose there is any chance you could scan it and email it is there as that would make a really strong case! [​IMG]
  4. Met with the owner of the school who can see the potential of Media, but thinks that parents and existing staff will hate it. How do you get over that? Any ideas? He also said the pay for teachers in private schools is a lot less. Is this the case across the board?
  5. More and more private/public schools are offering media amd film studies. More and more "elite" universities are recognising the benefits of the subject especially in terms of individiual student's skill development ......
    I guess it depends on the school but it's also a good subject for overseas students to take alongside more traditional subjects and can help their language and cultural development.
    As to pay - people I know in private/public schools earn more and have longer holidays (although work some evenings and weekends so I am not suggesting they have an easier life!).
    Sorry it didn't work out for you
  6. I've scanned in the article you requested. If you still want a copy of the article, let me know and I'll put it on the TES resources area.
  7. That would be fantastic, thank you!!
  8. bob79

    bob79 Occasional commenter


    Do you still have a copy of The Times Letter re: Oxford & Media Studies?

    Many thanks
  9. I have looked for the letter but can't see it. Can you give me a keyword to look for?
  10. There is a huge need for media improvement in private schools. This is really what should make them different than a public school. An academy or private school should be thought of as a better learning chance. What do you recommend in your improvements?
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  11. I think the idea of media literacy is always a good one...

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