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teaching ks1 using an ipad 2

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Loony tunes, Jan 16, 2012.

  1. Loony tunes

    Loony tunes New commenter

    I teach in a special needs school with older pupils working at early years/KS1 level. We've had iPads since September and I LOVE THEM!! I've found they really increase pupil engagement levels and provide a context for some fantastic discussions.
    Some of my favourite apps include abc pocketphonics - combines letter/sound correspondance, letter formation and blending plus it has a star system which means my kids are now able to recognise if they can go on to the next group of letters or if they need to repeat a section.
    Puppet pals HD is fab for making animations - really simple to use, comes with some inbuilt characters/backgrounds but you can also add your own drawings or photos. My children who are good verbally but struggle with writing have been able to produce some great results without being limited by their writing level.
    Just dance 3 is fun.
    Doodlebuddy is good for arty activities and I've just discovered tracing paper which is just as it sounds. My class have had fun taking photos and then tracing the photos then removing the backgrounds. Its helped some of those who struggle with shapes/sizes and produced some good art work as well as leading to good discussions "do you really have a black line around the edge of your face?"
    Bartleby's book of buttons is good - a story with in built comprehension activity as you have to carrry out an action related to the text before you can move on to the next page (e.g. dress Bartleby as described)
    Anyway, that should get you started. As you can see I'm totally sold on the iPads and love that my kids have really been able to achieve on them!
  2. See Maths, age 3 - 5 new app - would look fantastic on whiteboard! I don;t know what you need to get that working.
  3. Hi there,
    There are many other threads on here with lots of ideas and info.

    I'm part of a team working with two pilot projects for the ipad, and we have a website that may be useful: www.learningwithipads.co.uk

    There are lots and lots of things out there, I always recommend you start by letting the children film themselves answering a challenge you set in say, science or drama. I'd also recommend puppetpals HD, skill builder spelling and math evolve.

    There is lots and lots you can do though, feel free to message me if you have any more questions!
  4. Thanks for your replies folks. I have now found another thread about ipads, so it seems they're the way forward, however, I haven't got hours to browse and practise, so your help is great thanks. Someone mentioned an 'apple box' to relay ipad onto smartboard. I am a slow learner with ict but would love to get to grips with these ideas.

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