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Discussion in 'Primary' started by mxer25, May 10, 2008.

  1. HI

    What about a PSHE lesson on being a friend? Or that sort of thing.

    Maybe read a story/ props etc.. then get the class to talk about it. Make a charter/ recipe etc.. Or even a friendship wall with the children doing something on bricks??

    You could do a literacy lesson and make a poem


    Good luck
  2. I did think about PSHE friend stuff as I don't know them and could be a get-to-know you thing, but wondered if it was too light and wont get picked just with that????

    Just cant think...the school needs to improve their maths so i thought should i do a maths investigation and they all try it ..differentiation by my questioning , not task, but i have planned lit for past two years and dont have a good 'maths hat' on at the mo

    please keep ideas coming???
  3. Okay...

    What about a maths investigation? Have three hats, scarves and shoes and try and find the different combinations.
    This could be very visual as you could get the children up and try them on or they could draw them... If you were ICT you could create a flipchart ( or equivalent and get the children to come up and work through the problem.)

  4. that is interesting...do you mean three hats, scarves and shoes on each table???

    it wont be too easy? what do i say is the LO???

  5. HI

    Yes three different hats/ scarves etc. That bit you could do as a whole class.

    LO- to solve mathematicla problems and puzzles
    * To work systematically and explain methods and reasoning

    there is probably more

    This investigation is open ended and so possible for all ages. I've done it with snowmen at christmas time and also with teddy bears.

    Anotehr idea would be to take in an old bag/ case with some items in it.Can the children guess who it could be? Add an item at a time. Can they describe?
    Lots of Speaking and Listening. They could then act out/ draw the character.

  6. Hats & scarves combination sounds really good - I think the LO for this would also be to 'find all the possibilities'. If you are looking for some variations on this theme, look at the maths problem solving toolkit - there are loads in there & you could easily adapt one.
  7. You could also say that you'd be interested in children's different ways of recording their ideas & compare which is the most systematic as a mini-plenary.
  8. Anyone got any ideas for a 20 min speaking and listening focus with props to teach to yr5/6 creative approach needed. Help!
  9. thanks for the advice!!
    where is the maths problem solving toolkit please!!!
  10. Have you checked out the nrich website? - loads of ideas for problem solving...
  11. Hi again

    i love the idea of snowmen at christman, hats and scarves....do you think i should have real hats, scarves and shoes....only problem is i need to find all this stuff by thurs!!! do you think i could just use pictures of different hats, scarves and shoes..not as nice i know

    also, am i meant to know the answer to this???? i havent got a clue....please let me know if you did!!!!
  12. Not really snowman weather is it! How about buckets, spades and sunglasses?! Real objects are of course nicer but A4 pictures (colourful and laminated) could be just as good! Perhaps have one set of real objecst for the lower ability/SEN children.
  13. MXER25...Do you mind if I email you some questions? I understand what you mean about three of each now...am now thinking what the hell is the answer? am i supposed to know the answer? how many possibilities are there????? i dont want to look a fool....

    also do you think that it is ok for them to have that set per table..i dont know the school but i assume there are five to six children per table...they need to all be doing somethign....

    if i cant find small table objects i might use maths shapes...was gonna do sweets varieties but maybe they dont like that as its unhealthy adn could do fruit????
  14. Hi Yes sure


    Will check the answer for you- yes there is one!!

    I'd go healthy rather than sweets just to be on the safe side.

    Set per table would be good but justthink about your timing- the lesson is not long. You could do the whole class bit and then on the lesson plan say what you plan to do next.
  15. Gully

    I'd go for the case with objects and get them to describe them and then the character. It could be a coat left in the room and you look at all the clues... times newspaper with a ring around a date or stuff in the pocketsetc..
  16. snoopyboo, if you look at the problem solving pack (no 1 - finding all the possibilities) all the answers are given in the teacher's guidance section together with every stage you need to take the children through.

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