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Teaching interview - EAL pupils

Discussion in 'Primary' started by ejwainwright, Oct 26, 2011.

  1. Hi all

    I have an interview on Tuesday for a KS1 post. I have been told I am teaching a year 2 class for my interview and I can teach what I want. The majority of pupils are EAL with some in the early stages of learning english. I have very little experience working with EAL children and don't really know how to plan for them and include them, any advice would be really appreciated : )

  2. Best to keep in very visual and dont except too much (if any) writing unless you pair or triangle them with other confident English speakers.
  3. I have an EAL checklist I was given on training. Will type it out for you :)
    1. Plan well - name the interventions included to address their needs. 2. Where possible, arrange preteaching of key words to do with the topic, or provide key words on a print out. 3. Pictures are useful but most powerful when they really show the actions being explained. 4. Talk about ideas and concepts, model the ideas verbally and let other children help model too. 5. Encourage use of first language 6. Use common question language, keep things simple. 7. Model writing in lots of different ways. 8. Don't sit EAL learners together, they need to hear the language of good english speakers for their language to develop. 9. EAL learners are not necessarily, and probably not, SEN. Keep them challenged.

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