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Teaching in Welsh (as a second language speaker)

Discussion in 'Cymru - education news' started by lewizrs, Jun 22, 2015.

  1. lewizrs

    lewizrs New commenter

    Hello all,

    I'm considering teaching, although I have always gone through English-medium education and my specialty is modern languages. I have second language qualifications in Welsh and would like to know if anyone knows of people who have successfully taught in Welsh-medium schools, or if it's possible to teach with qualifications in Welsh second language.

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  2. thepolyglot

    thepolyglot New commenter

    I'd also be very interested in this... Did you find any information outside of this forum @lewiscymru ?
  3. rmr09

    rmr09 New commenter

    I'm Welsh but English is my first language. I went to a bilingual school and got an A* in my second language Welsh GCSE. I taught in England for a few years so forgot some of my Welsh but you pick it up quickly from being in a Welsh medium school. I teach mainly A-level which is taught in English but I have been teaching Year 7 in Welsh and am gradually picking up more classes that are taught through Welsh.
    I teach Science so obviously the vocab can take a while to get to grips with. If you are teaching languages the content of your lessons won't be in Welsh. You would need to give instructions in Welsh and be able to have conversations with pupils in Welsh. Marking in Welsh is the thing I find most difficult and writing reports but I am building up comment banks to use.
    There are lots of resources online to help you such as;




    My colleagues are very helpful and will look over PowerPoint slides/hand-outs to double check my Welsh.
  4. heno

    heno New commenter

    Sorry, but my own experiences differ from that of rmr09 poster. When I first walked into the FE College I have taught in for ten years they only had four Welsh dictionaries in the whole building! When I started delivering level 1 Welsh units there where absolutely no resources in the College. Have things improved? - not much! Everything I find online appears to be targeting primary school children and teachers. Also any resources that are worthwhile cost money and as you probably know the FE sector in Wales is cash strapped and making cuts everywhere so it's really difficult to get money to buy resources. I was so desperate that I ended up paying myself for a few books! There appears to be no subject specific resources such as Welsh - childcare, health & social care that can be used for CACHE or BTEC units. It's either first Welsh language or English. I have even phoned up one awarding body to ask them if they could help me with their Welsh language paperwork that I had to get second Welsh language level 1 students to fill in as they only had the documents in first language Welsh even thou we where studying a level 1 unit with them! I believe that the "Welsh" agenda has died down with ESTYN, they seem to now focus on main subject results and as a result the college I worked in doesn't even run theses bite sized Welsh units anymore. It's all a bit silly really, I mean my college has to employ a welsh lecturer to teach A Level Welsh to just six students, what a waste! If it was any other subject they would not fund it and the subject would not be taught. As a result absolutely anything to do with " Welsh" that comes up in our college the one A level lecturer seems to have to do it in order to have enough hours on their timetable. I can't imagine how a person with se one language Welsh qualifications would be employed in a school/college as Wales has plenty of teachers/lecturers with first language Welsh qualifications as its compulsary for children in Wales to study Welsh up to GCSE, as a result I would say most people educated in Wales and who are teachers have at least GCSE Welsh and for many it will be first language. Sorry if I sound harsh but I think your best chance is to get into a job that is looking for French, Spanish etc teacher and then to also put in your application that you can teach second languGe Welsh. There does appear to be a lack of modern language teAchers in Wales, therefore I think you actually do have a chance.

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