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Teaching in U.S - British schools of....

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by scattywelsh, Jan 6, 2009.

  1. I have a friend who teaches in BSA Houston and loves it. She loved it so much she renewed her contract after it was over. She's been here for quite a while actually. The staff all seem to be good friends,hanging out and travelling together around the U.S whenever they have a holiday.
    For what it's worth...
    Good luck to you! [​IMG]

  2. I applied for the post in Houston too, but only the other day. I read some pretty unfavourable stuff about the school on a forum where parents and teachers had commented. From their remarks, it seems like the management is no good and "teachers are leaving in droves." I applied anyway as I figure it can't be any worse than where I am now!
    I have had friends who've visited Houston and they said it was great. Chicago's climate's not very appealing and of the two places, Houston was the one that everyone seemed to like.
  3. Staff are not 'leaving in droves' ha ha! The initial contract here is for 2 years. Naturally, when some people come to the end of their contract they want to move on, some have stayed more than 2 or 3 years and feel they want to go somewhere new, or have commitments back home. With such a big school and staff, it is completely normal for more than one person to move on each year.

    ^ And yes, the lifestyle here is great! It's the beginning of March and the children are in summer uniform enjoying the fabulous weather (as are the staff).
    Best advice? Remain open-minded and make your own judgements.
  4. Hi Sweetie1,
    I have applied too and have had a generic email response to say the application was received, so in need of some sunshine...if successful I would be coming with my husband and daughter - anyone out there give me an idea of employment prospects for him? Keep in touch sweetie1 - fingers crossed we'll meet at interview!
  5. Would anyone have any more recent updates in this category?

    How was the interview?

    How has your time in US been?

    Thank you in advance.
  6. When you all applied, did you apply for a specific post or submit speculative applications? I have been thinking of applying to these schools. I see that a post at the H school has come up for this year, however I am looking for 2012. Not sure if I should wait for something to come up or submit a speculative application through their website. Thanks.
  7. Over half (yes 50%) of the secondary staff left this year. This is NOT normal!

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