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Teaching in the USA

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by oliversmithuk, Jul 28, 2016.

  1. oliversmithuk

    oliversmithuk New commenter

    Hi all,

    My wife is from the USA and is really missing home and we've decided to pack our bags and move over. This post isn't about the VISA as we are already well under way to getting that sorted.

    I am a qualified secondary Physics teacher with 3 years teaching experience. I would like to teach when I get to the US. We are looking to move to Boston. I have been looking at the Massachusetts education board website and I am finding it very difficult to find out exactly what I need to do when I get there. Could anyone give me some advice on what I need to do in order to get my teaching qualification acknowledged over there?

    I am also a little nervous as the teaching styles and the way schools are run are completely different. Does any one have any recommendations for books or website that would allow me to get my head around teaching the in USA.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  2. ejclibrarian

    ejclibrarian Established commenter Community helper

    Sorry I can't help but just wanted to say, why not consider an international school in Boston. Google International schools Boston and you should see what's there :)
  3. PuRe

    PuRe Occasional commenter

    Charter schools are also a good option.
  4. cadenza_13

    cadenza_13 New commenter

    I did the same thing for California. I wouldn't worry about the teaching styles, it's not so different. But you do need to become familiar with the National & state Teaching standards in your subject area. On the state education website, somewhere, it will have information for teacher out-of-state -
    I found it here http://www.doe.mass.edu/edprep/nasdtec.html

    On the same website I found the information for overseas trained teachers

    This page contains the acceptable places you can get your qualifications translated in to an acceptable format. You will need to send ALL your certificates & transcripts and pay them decide on the American equivalence of your British ecudation.. When I say all, I mean ALL, from GCSE all the way through, they want the complete trail. Once you have done that, you send it to the board and it's pretty much the same as out-of-star applications.
  5. martinulsan16

    martinulsan16 New commenter


    Here is a company in Charlotte who do UK diploma equivalencies. They said if it's for immigration purposes only, you can send scanned copies of your degree/diploma and transcript. I don't think you need your GCSEs and A level like a previous poster says but it might be up to each school district what they require. I think for the school board itself. you need to send original or certified copies of your degree/diploma/PGCE. You will need your GPA apparently for salary purposes. It wasn't worth me continuing in Charlotte as they were only paying $36000 a year for 6 or 7 years experience and so after tax, health insurance (which they take out of your cheque the cheeky blighters to make sure you pay it), rent for a room (expensive in America, up to $1000 a month just to rent a room in a house), flights (they don't pay your flights), I would probably come out with $25000 a year or so or even slightly less. That's LOW pay for working in America IMO. On top of getting your degree equivalent in the USA, you probably have to pass the state board's exams for being a teacher. I can't remember what it's called offhand. You should be able to check this out yourself.

    ANyway, here's the company's contact details for doing your degree equivalency for both immigration purposes and school licensure.

    Nina Hager (IEE, Inc.)

    Jul 12, 08:42 COT


    We are not sure about all the requirements for Teacher Licensure, they may need those things completed before applying for the position.

    If you need an evaluation ONLY for immigration purposes, that is a different option for minimal use. At that time, you are only required to provide a Document Report (does not include courses, grades, or GPA) and we can do so from scanned copies of the documents.

    We would suggest moving forward with the evaluation as you plan on using it for Teacher Licensure in the future, that evaluation is also accepted for immigration purposes. You then would not need to pay additional revision fees later in time.

    Please let us know if you need further clarification.

    Thank you kindly,
    Nina Hager
    IEE, Inc.
    7900 Matthews Mint Hill Road
    Charlotte, NC 28227
  6. cadenza_13

    cadenza_13 New commenter

    Just as a note, "for immigration purposes" is insufficient for the state education board/teaching commission. They will send it back and request an in depth analysis, and you will have to pay again for the analysis. You will need to provide a report that shows equivalence to the state required credential. They are requesting a "detailed equivalency or course-by-course analysis", they will require original documents for this and sealed transcripts detailing your entire education history. You must use one of their accepted companies, IEE (as suggested above) - is not listed as a recognised agent.
    The credentialing officer of the school district you apply for positions with will be referring to the state commission regarding your clearance. You obtain state clearance before they consider your application. If you happen to find a good & efficient HR in the district, they may help & guide you through the state process. But, in my experience HR = Inhumane resourceless and they will only consider you when the comission's wheels have started turning.
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2016
  7. dumbbells66

    dumbbells66 Lead commenter

    Has Musikteech, sorry i mean Martinulsan16 been giving out bad advice again ????? I dont believe it :p:p
    Alldone likes this.
  8. martinulsan16

    martinulsan16 New commenter

    Charlotte Board of Education gave me the details of IEE and that's who they use for affirming overseas qualifications. so they must be recognised for this purpose. Why else does IEE exist otherwise if they're not rcognised? The school board of Charlotte only requires your degree and teaching license not your entire educational history. They DO consider you for positions without having charlotte board of education licensure as a lateral entry applicant as I was offered an interview without having the said licensure.

    Revans66 please see above. I have never given out bad advice on any thread. If you want, I will send you the emails I received from the board of education and their invitation.:p
  9. Alldone

    Alldone Senior commenter

    I thought he was in Korea.
  10. cadenza_13

    cadenza_13 New commenter

    Imo - yes..
  11. cadenza_13

    cadenza_13 New commenter

    The Charlotte board of education is a school district, they may have invited you for an interview but by Federal and state law, they cannot employ anyone without a state commission accepted credential. To obtain that state credential you have to follow their requirements. If the district had decided to offer you a position, they would then have guided you through the state's procedure for credential clearance. The district isn't allowed to grant the credential giving you permission to teach - only the state commission can do that and they require an in depth analysis.
    Last edited: Jul 31, 2016
  12. martinulsan16

    martinulsan16 New commenter

    Hey Alldone matey. Yes, I am in Korea. Been here 2 weeks now and the school are happy with my performance as the students are all happy with the quality of lessons they're getting. He said would I like to become the head teacher with an increase in salary. Alldone, I can't log in to my old username for some reason so I've had to create a new one. People on here have been arrogant towards some of my posts and that's what's caused a problem I think. You and Revans are the only two who don't bother me. Sound guys. Everyone else has got 'issues' for some unknown reason. You know how expensive it is to buy food here? I spent $106 yesterday at Homeplus stocking up with goodies that I like. Then in the evening I went and sat in a popular bar and bought a drink slightly bigger than a pint and it costs 10,000 won a pop which is $10. Mind you, a couple of hotties sat next to me at my table for a short while until they could move to a free seat at the bar. One hottie said " Do you mind if we sit at your table". " Erm... No, not at all" I replied. LOL They must have been 20 years younger than me. It's the Beckham England football shirt that did it I think lol. It's great here. I start work at 2pm and finish at 10:30, have an hour for dinner at 5:30pm and 4 classes a day with max 6 students per class. If I become head teacher (LOL only 3 of us in the school), then I might get up to 3m won per month plus I have a modern studio flat free of rent just a 10 min walk from the school. I'm looking forward to travelling with Airasia or other airline in my holidays. What holidays Alldone I hear you say? 10 days!!! It sucks I know but I don't mind working. Get back to me and tell me what you think. See ya
  13. Arsenalfc

    Arsenalfc New commenter

    I am cheekily highjacking this post to ask you for your opinion on the demand for business teachers in California, preferably Southern California. I am considering to go to California (my husband is from there so I can get a green card) to study for my teaching credentials and then go into teaching. I have a BA and Post Graduate Certificate in Business Administration from the UK.
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  14. Alldone

    Alldone Senior commenter

    Hi martinulsan16
    I'm glad you posted this as a lot of the stick you have been getting is because of your change of user name! If you look at mine it seems that I've only been here a few years, but I had a previous name for quite a few years that I had to change because it was very similar to one of the other posters - I changed it after he had a bit of a moan. The thing is, it was a pretty much random name I chose at the time.

    So, you made it to Korea. Well done. I hope things go well for you. I guess the price of drinks depends a lot on where you buy them. I know in Thailand I used to drink at local markets or at home, instead of local tourist bars - well I did once I was married. I'm enjoying the Summer, retirement is great. I will do exam invigilation again for the Mocks in November and also the exams in May and June. It only pays £10 an hour, but they pay me for all day - 8 hours, plus I get free meals which are really good quality. From September I have a job with one of the exam boards as an external assessment specialist, visiting schools to make sure they are doing their A level Science practicals correctly. This should be interesting. I'm not going to do too many as it's only a part time job - I'm supposed to be retired.
    Your school sounds interesting. Very unusual hours, but I guess you will get used to them. I suppose if you finish at 10.30 you still have plenty of time to relax, with such a late start. Have you tried the Gimchi yet. The Koreans who worked for me in Saudi always used to be cooking with it. I wouldn't worry about the holidays - not good for us teachers, but I know many people in Saudi who are on one return trip home a year, for two weeks. And of course there will be no comparison between Korea and Saudi.
    Best of luck and keep us informed of your adventures.
  15. cadenza_13

    cadenza_13 New commenter

    Hey, there is a reasonable demand for good teachers here in SoCal - I'm in San Diego. So, imo it would be a good move. I would do your credential here rather than uk because they make foreign trained teachers jump through a lot of hoops & 3 years in, I'm still jumping hoops & tied in red tape. Are you thinking elementary or subject specific?
  16. Looseseal

    Looseseal New commenter

    Cadenza, you have given some great advice about teaching in CA. I am also there but haven't gotten round to sorting out my teaching qualifications yet as we weren't sure if we wanted to stay or not and the cost put me off. But we're staying for a while longer now. Is it certain that you need to send GCSE and A-Level transcripts? I think I have my GCSE certs with me but I never even received my A-Level certificates and don't have transcripts for anything at all. I have my BA, PGCE and QTS certificates (no transcripts).

    I'm Primary/Early Years and was initially thinking of looking for pre-school jobs as it seemed easier to get a job-possibly without the "translation" of UK qualifications (and pre-school here is the same age as Foundation Stage in the UK). But pre-school here is not like teaching nursery or Reception in a maintained or private school in the UK. They don't require you to be a qualified teacher so the pay is really low and hours poor. So I think I'd better try and get my qualifications approved.
  17. cadenza_13

    cadenza_13 New commenter

    Hey Looseseal,
    That sound pretty similar to the situation I was in! I had certificates but no transcripts - not the normal requirement for Brits. They want everything - I had my initial evaluation declined by CTC because I did not include full transcripts, for all degree certificates, I skipped the PGCE thinking it was fairly self explanatory, a headache for sure. Just go online with your college(s), there'll be something about obtaining transcripts, they will send them Stateside. I graduated before the days of computer grade records so my transcripts are just a semester-by-semester breakdown of the course content, but without the grades, it was accompanied by a letter from them saying "sorry, she's so old she graduated before we computerised our records, but this is what she must have completed in order to graduate". They do want GCSEs & A-level certificates as well, to establish your GPA, I had to hit up the exam boards for that, no transcripts needed though.
    As primary/early years, your biggest potential headache is common-freaking-core!!
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  18. Sysyphus

    Sysyphus New commenter

    1. Hi looseseal and Cardenza
    I am uk trained secondary. I used ierf to look at all my credentials. I did not submit a level certificates but transcripts for degree and.pgce. you need to pass the cbest exam first.

    I can now sub. This pays between 130 and 180 a day so less than uk.But for the
    Proper jobs I must pass three more sets of exams. These amount to about 12 hours of exams so I am giving myself 10 months to study and pass them.
    Not sure on how many jobs for your subject. Check edjoin for vacancies.

    Exams required in my part of Ca to get permanent credential. I would Google them to see what they cover.

    Doable but you need to study.
    Hope that helps.
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  19. Sysyphus

    Sysyphus New commenter

    Cadenza, how are you finding it teaching here? I start soon and anticipate less prep and more grading due to bigger classes? Just subbing for the first year whilst I plough through all the examinations. Teenagers seem pretty polite here from what I have seen....in the area I am in. Hoping that translates to the classroom.)
  20. cadenza_13

    cadenza_13 New commenter

    Hi Sysaphus,
    Yep, that's a pretty good summary of what's necessary. You should have been issued a provisional credential by CTC on the back of your education evaluation. This gets your credentials recognised and you into the classroom - you have to apply for it. The provisional gives you 2 years to complete CLAD through CTEL & 5 years to complete everything else to clear your credential. The CLAD through CTEL is a massive undertaking, I opted for the coursework rather than exams, the CSET (at least for my subject) is nit-picky & I've failed one part twice. You must also complete BTSA for 2 years, another pain in the ****! So far I have ticked off BTSA, CLAD through CTEL, CBEST, CPR and half of CSET, I have 2 years to left clear my credential.
    I love teaching here, I'm teaching single subject in an elementary school. I think that behaviour varies hugely depending on the area & school. I'm lucky where I am. But, even at an elementary school age there's some highly disturbed kids that are ********.

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