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Teaching in the USA

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by craigm16, Jan 7, 2012.

  1. Hello,

    I have a question, i have been doing a large amount of research into working oversea's as a teaching assistant with a view to become a fully qualified teacher in Primary Education. I would like to potentially move and work in the USA however i know there are a whole host of issues to overcome regarding visa's etc. I was wondering if anyone has successfully relocated from the UK to the USA and could offer any advice in this area?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. I relocated from the UK to the USA for the first time in 2003 and then again 18 months ago and have now been teaching for 11 years. You do need a teaching degree- you won't get visa sponsorship without it- and I would strongly recommend at least 2 years of experience. Your best bet would then be to look at the International/ British private schools in the states and then the Charter schools. Of course the worldwide financial situation may be vastly different by then so you might consider groups like VIF.
    All the best with your future studies.

  3. I have read, reread and researched this area so many times but have only drawn blank. I studied part of my degree in the states and have always been keen to return. I have a good performing arts hons degree, PGCE and 6 years successful teaching experience with repsonsibility in teacher training.

    I have searched the British schools yearly for vacanices in my area (music) but have never seen any come up and hae been unable to find any other private schools also (any guidance as to where to find these advertised vacanices would be fantastic). I have looked into the VIF program but my friends are all north east therefore I would prefer to not be as far south as this, especially as you currently cannot apply without being open to all areas.

    I plan on applying for the fullbright exchange next year (i missed the deadline in the current year due to not having the application go through govenors in time). I would also be open to pursuing lecturing/teacher training as opposed to the classroom.

    PLEASE can anyone point me in another direction I have yet to see or research?!
    Ideally I would like to study for a Masters alongside teaching if possible.
  4. One of the British Schools currently has an opening for a primary music specialist.
  5. i have seen this thank you and the recent secondary advertisement
  6. has anyone been invited to interview yet?
  7. My friend applied for a post and was told interviews are commencing from the 6th.....hope that helps!
  8. ml02slc

    ml02slc New commenter

    If you're looking to work in the States I don't think you can afford to be picky about where you want to start out. It took me 10 years to get out here and I was very specific to start about where I wanted to be. Eventually I thought about how much I wanted to be in the States versus how much I wanted X place. I am currently a good couple of thousand miles from my 'dream' destination and you know what I LOVE it here! It's nothing like I expected but it is brilliant. Wherever you go you will make new friends and you will get out what you put in!
    I wish you all luck in your searches!
  9. Whereabouts in the states are you at the moment? What surprised you about it?
  10. Thanks, i realised the interviews had passed.
  11. ml02slc

    ml02slc New commenter

    I am in the South (Texas). I have spent a great deal of time up North and there'd always been so much talk about the Southeners and the Yankees. I guess I had just built an idea of what Texas would be in my head, having never been here. It's just amazing - people are so helpful and friendly!
    Good luck and don't be discouraged if you don't get it first time round!

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