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Teaching in the USA

Discussion in 'Teaching overseas' started by rosemarynolan, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Hi, i've just completed my NQT year.
    One of the reasons I got into teaching was because it's a job you can do all over the world.
    I've got my heart set on teaching somewhere in the west of the states...maybe california?
    Does anyone know if this is possible or where to look? There's so much information on the web it gets really confusing!
    Thank you for any help you can offer!
  2. Hi, i've just completed my NQT year.
    One of the reasons I got into teaching was because it's a job you can do all over the world.
    I've got my heart set on teaching somewhere in the west of the states...maybe california?
    Does anyone know if this is possible or where to look? There's so much information on the web it gets really confusing!
    Thank you for any help you can offer!
  3. What subject?
  4. suefla

    suefla New commenter

    It's been discussed many times on this forum. Right now getting a teaching job in the USA is like hens teeth. School budgets are in crisis and schools are not likely to sponsor you for visa in the present economic situation. The press are reporting thousands of teacher layoffs in most states.
  5. Syria1

    Syria1 New commenter

    California is particularly acute at the moment with essentially a defunct state government. The best chance (if any) is to look at private international schools in the USA - but even there with only one year of experience you will not be sought after unless you are exceptionally good. Canada looks equally bleak at the moment. Sorry.
  6. Hi, I have been reading these posts with great interest. Due to a family emergency I am having to relocate to Florida. I have just finished my NQT year after completing a PGCE. I am in the process of having my PGCE evaluated and then will send everything off to the Florida Board of Education. I can legally live in the US as I have dual citizenship but wonder if anyone has had experience with the Florida Department of Education. Does anyone know if they will consider my PGCE or if they will say it is not acceptable or that I have to complete further courses? Thanks for any advice. I need it!
  7. While I don't teach in FL and every state is a little different, I work in North Carolina and they translated my PGCE to a Bachelors in Education specialisng in mathematics. I did not have to complete any additional courses at all but I think that's definitely a possibility. FL may be a little different but I hope that helps in case no one else has experience in Florida.
  8. Thanks Deck. That has given me a bit of hope. However, it looks like the job opportunities are pretty bleak at the moment.
    As if moving countries isn't hard enough! (I know as I have moved countries 5 times!)
    <font size="2">I have my fingers crossed that evaluation of my PGCE will be at least as successful as yours. </font>I thought I might try some of the private schools as they don't seem to require certification. I am grateful for any words of wisdom!
    <font size="2"></font>Thanks again!
  9. Don't forget to apply for jobs in Charter schools too! They are independent public schools and so they have a lot more flexibility with regards to certification. I work at a charter school and I definitely recommend it as they have are governed by their teachers, patents and students so have a lot more freedom to make decisions on their school rather than answering to a school district. Good Luck!
  10. <font size="2">Good advice Deck, thank you. Can you tell me, is the style of teaching in the US greatly different than in England? Is teaching topic based at all? I remember from my time in Florida that everything was taught through the use of text books / work books. Is this still the case? I feel like I am just getting the hang of teaching and an concerned about how transferable my new skills will be! [​IMG]</font>
    <font size="2">Thanks!</font>
  11. Hi, your perspective is giving me more hope that things will work out! I am primary trained and currently teach year 1. I know that children start a year later in the US so age wise, I am teaching kindergarten age however I would prefer to teach grades 1-4 if possible.
    I am still waiting to hear from the evaluation agency so feel like I cannot progress much. You mentioned paperwork... I can't believe it is possible to have more paperwork that we have here! I certainly hope not! [​IMG]
    I looked at the charter schools in the area I will be returning to but they all want certified teachers, so no way to circumvent the system. However, a few of the private schools do not require certification but I suspect vacancies will be few and far between.
    I did notice a British international school in your neck of the woods... that may be a possibility if they have a vacancy and of course hire me. At least it could get me in the right country and not a million miles away from the sunshine state! Thanks again. B

  12. I can't speak for any other state than NC but here, once you have your qualifications evaluated you just apply for certification through the state department of education. All I needed to get certified was my evaluation, degree transcripts and apply so I can't think why you would not be able to get certification. Charter schools and private schools want all their teachers to be certified but they DO have the flexibility to hire teachers who are not yet certified or are working on getting certified. I don't think elementary education will be quite as easy to get a job in as some subjects but they do love us Brits over here :)

    There's a British school in Charlotte. I don't know much about it but I do know that it was soooo much easier firl me to get a permanent job here once I was already living over here. Good luck!
  13. Hi Deck,

    I am currently a maths teacher in Scotland and am thinking about applying for a scholarship which means I can go and teach in America for a year. Can I ask you a couple of questions? How long have you worked in NC for now? I am worried the curriculum is going to be totally different from here and I will be working flat out trying to figure it all out! Also worried about how different the kids would be and if they would accept a Scot as much? And they seem to have so much more stuff going on, it's difficult to look into things as each state seems to be totally different! Thanks for any stories/advice you can give me!
  14. Best place to look for US teaching jobs online.


    Create an account and do a jobsearch.
  15. Hi Gomis! I would imagine if the students don't have a problem with a Welsh girlie that they'd love a Scot equally as much! I'm in my 7th year teaching over here and have taught at 2 schools. The curriculum is different but I had no issues whatsoever getting used to it. At the end of the day the mathematics is the same no matter what country or state and I haven't really changed how I teach just followed a different curriculum.Each state is different but only in the small details as far as maths is concerned.

    Would you be teaching High School or Middle School over here? I've taught both and teaching Middle school was a little strange at first....but not because of the mathematics or teaching just the whole set-up of it. The students are often taught in teams of teachers and you only teach one grade level each year. I found that quite difficult (and boring) but am now in a school where I teach a variety of grade levels.

    As for high school, each year is taught as a course seperately, so for example, for my high school classes I teach 10th grade Geometry and 11th grade Algebra 2. It's certainly different to the UK anddoes take a bit of getting used to but for an experienced teacher I think it's easy to get into it.
    I would say you should definitely go for that scholarship as it will be a great learning experience either way!
  16. bethije

    bethije New commenter

    Hi Deck, could you ellaborate at all on how you got a poition in the States to begin with I have found it really difficult. Most of the advice on the forum is negative and basically tells you not to bother. I'm still trying however and if it's been possible for you to do it perhaps it is for this Welsh girl too.
  17. Hi Deck,

    Thanks very much for your reply, I don't know where I would be teaching as it would all depend on if and where they would be a maths teacher wanting to come over here.

    Gosh, 1 grade level sounds really dull!! I did think that surely the maths cannot be that different in other countries and it would be nice to see what a different curriculum is like!

    Got some thinking to do!!

    Thanks again

    Gomis x
  18. Hi bethije,
    I came over here initially (from Wales too!) with the VIF program and worked for 3 years with them. Everyone online kept saying that there was no way to stay over here beyond the 3 years with VIF and that there was no way a school would employ you and sponsor your visa etc etc but I applied for a few jobs and got offered one and visa sponsorship within a couple of months!.I applied to private schools and charter schools that are independent and have more flexibility in being able to sponsor visas. I actually had 2 job offers to choose from! I've been working at the school that hired me for 4 years now and they are in the process of sponsoring my green card. I wouldn't say it's easy but it was much easier that I was already over here and it's not as impossible as some people make out. Where there's a will there's a way!

    I would recommend the VIF or a similar program just to get your foot in the door. In what area are you looking for jobs?
  19. bethije

    bethije New commenter

    Many thanks for the info. You've cheered me up no end at least now I can see it is possible. Some of the info on here has been really disheartening so at least I can persevere now.

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