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teaching in the usa

Discussion in 'Overseas trained teachers' started by swaine8, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. my son is planning to study in america at high school and play basketball.
    i am a teacher of 8 years. i teach pe in special ed...i would like to apply and move my family to the states..
    can someone point me in the right direction.
  2. Your PGCE is not worthless. It will get you into a classroom in CA. Spe Ed is about the only area with vacancies, the lay-offs in all other subjects have been extensive. You will need to sign up for a teacher training program while working.
    The big issue is your visa.

    The cctc.org is the not very useful website to check out.
  3. That first poster was rude. Sorry. This is a bad time for teachers in the US. Our economy is in a shambles because of our war expenditures and the housing crash. Well deserved consequences may I add. Due to this, education budgets have been cut all across America. Teachers have been pink slipped everywhere. There just are not many openings and districts must hire from wothin before they hire from without.

    The next problem is that you are not teaching in a shortage field. PE teachers are also only hired here if they can also coach a sport, usually football, basketball.

    The next problem is that the US has stringent requirements for teaching credentials. You must take certain tests and jump through other hoops. These requirements are magically eased for teachers from third world countries like the Philippines who go through large, unscrupulous recruitment agencies. However, ironically, if you are an American teacher from a different state than where you would like to teach or if you are a teacher from a country that speaks proper native English rather than some form of pidgin English, then you do not have a bat's chance in hell of being hired. Welcome to the crooked realities of the law in the United States.

    Your only chance is to work at a private school but the pay will be low and the health and other benefits nonexistant or pathetic.

    If you could get a tan and try speaking with a hispanic accent and thereby masquerade as an illegal hispanic immigrant, then you could overstay your visa and live quite comfortably in America with a number of free public services. However, if you look caucasian then I am afraid you are quite out of luck as you will be expected to work but will have difficulty getting a job as a teacher.
  4. I have just moved back to the UK after teaching in Virginia for the last 7 years. I worked in a private school teaching Kindergarten, though as pointed out in one of the other posts, it is lower paid than public school positions, but my health benefits were good. I would advise trying that avenue. Remember though that in order to get a working visa you have to have a job offer. Hope this helps [​IMG]
  5. How does it feel to be back home? How did you like Virginia?

    I am worried about what may be about to transpire with health care for working Americans. Obamacare is an extensive welfare program. It will be funded by all the working Americans who will foot the bill but receive none of the benefits. They or their employers will be forced to buy extremely expensive healthcare programs whether they want them or not. Of course, it is a given that the majority of employers will choose to pass the costs onto their employees. Many working Americans will be absolutely unable to afford to pay for the enforced healthcare so they will go without. They will be fined a penalty by the IRS which will of course be used to pay for healthcare for the welfare program so that people who have not earned the entitlement will have it at the expense of those who are having it taken out of their paycheck but will themselves not receive any of it. You can expect that within only a few years, most employers will be cutting healthcare or forcing employees to pay huge parts of their salary in order to get it. Many companies are already preparing for the doomsday date of 2014 by dropping their healthcare or asking employees to start paying significant parts of their salary to have it.

    Anybody contemplating a move to the US as a teacher in a private school can likely anticipate a reducation in whatever the current standard is for healthcare at private schools. Even some public schools are beginning to stop fully funding teacher healthcare. I would say you probably left just in time. Things are getting ugly here for the middle class worker.

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