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Teaching in the Middle East

Discussion in 'Teaching overseas' started by travellinglteacher, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Can anyone offer clear information regarding salaries and the cost of living - and saving potential - in the Middle East for Secondary school classroom teachers (8+ years experience)? I'm considering all countries and would be interested to hear about the way of life in each of the countries - what is there to do outside school? Are there particularly good chains of schools to target? To maximise saving potential I would consider doing additional tutoring outside school hours, and sacrifice free/fun time. It's all about the money!....
  2. Syria1

    Syria1 New commenter

    Very diverse area indeed as Karvol says - it would be helpfulif you could indicate a country at least. Be aware that good teachers often do not have the time to tutor outside of school and that in some cases this would invalidate your work visa.
  3. Its all about money..........................................TEACHERS LIKE YOU WHICH BRING THE PROFESSION INTO DISREPUTE.
    If you find a high paying school let me know please!
    Country gone to the dogs with the rioting and now teachers only in it for the money.
    Sad! Sad! Sad state of affairs.

  4. bigfatgit

    bigfatgit New commenter

    I was going to say something similar but then saw the news where the 1st person in court this morning after the riots was a primary teacher!?!

  5. bigfatgit

    bigfatgit New commenter

    They are now calling him a 'primary school worker'
  6. You don't suppose he'd fancy a job in the Middle East?
  7. The original post looks as if it was designed to irritate and provoke a negative response. I think there's a possibility that the OP is not really newbie to this forum at all even though he joined today.
    If he is then good luck to him - I think he'll need it.
  8. bigfatgit

    bigfatgit New commenter

    You're getting cynical in your old age!
  9. If anyone has some clear, simple facts regarding the initial posting that would be great. Anyone who prefers to post irrelevant opinion, why not join in with some of these guys above!
  10. I notice that Alexander Brandy's entertaining and helpful post has been deleted.
  11. Dax


    Hi - it's been a few years since I tramped around the Middle East, but my impressions are as follows:
    Saudi Arabia was the worst place I've ever worked in - utterly incompetent local support (eg for visas, bank account arrangements, accommodation etc etc etc). Salary was just reasonable, but as there was so little to do I saved much of it. Students were by and large idle. You don't need to do too many searches on this forum or others to get the idea.
    I enjoyed Dubai a great deal - a fast, bustling, cosmopolitan city. The school was superb - extremely good salary, well-equipped, good admin, good location, but I didn't save quite as much.
    The balance was struck in Oman, where I found the people delightful, the students easy to like. The salary was reasonable, the accommodation very good, as was the admin, and I got out and about, all over the couintry, which is far from being simply a vast desert. The diving is second to none! There is one school I (and others) would avoid, though (not the ones that cater primarily for British, and American students).
    Although I've been to Kuwait, I've not worked there, but worked elsewhere with people who had. They thought it was a little better than Saudi, but not by much. Their salaries were quite good, and they saved much oif it, and supplemented it a great deal through private tuition. They were there, like many, apparently, primarily to save for a deposit on a decent house in the UK, and managed to do that with little difficulty.
    As for Jordan and Syria, friends say that Jordan is desperately poor in parts, and of course Syria is fast turning into a war zone.
    I've been to Bahrein and loved it - another cosmopolitan city on a smaller scale than Dubai, but it's looking decidedly shaky at the moment. Friends who worked there said that the main British - style school is excellent, as did my students who transferred there from Oman.
    Good luck!
  12. Dax very much but WHAT ABOUT THE MONEY!!!
    The original poster wants MONEY! MONEY! MONEY! Who made him a Teacher I wonder!
    Can we have another Parliamentary enquiry on the state of the 21st century Teachers and their aims and ambitions?

  13. Lots of work developing in Kurdistan but be careful as they are of the opinion that they have bought you. You wouldn't be allowed to work outside your school hours - might even not be able to get off the school site without permission. Another trick is not to sort out your visa so that you are dependent upon them.
    I applied for a job through the TES with a company in Erbil, the capital, and was left homeless, jobless, visa less and broke due to the incompetence of the company and their acceptance of a level of intimidation and violence way outside the norm. As a single woman in the Middle East, that was not the best situation to be in......
    Also, don't be fooled by the websites. Some show marvellous things such as links with qualifying examination bodies and photos of lots of ex-pat teachers. Go by word of mouth only in Kurdistan.
  14. You are all missing the point. he wants MONEY from teaching! Give the poor man some MONEY. He seems skint! Teaching will make himm millions as he believes.
  15. But the request has been answered. Kuwait - super place. Excellent salaries and tons of tuitions. Get in there. There is an educational ministerial law that say that all schools are created equal so every international school there pays the same, has the same conditions and gives the same bonuses and holidays.
    All the heads/headmistresses are considered the best in the world because the Kuwaitis demand nothing but the best.
    It is heaven - you must travel there...Yes, you must.
  16. It did get deleted! That is outrageous. Probably some jealous Kuwaiti expats who don't wish their little secret paradise to be revealed. Shame on them. Can't really blame them though. Who wouldn't want to keep that educational haven for themselves.
  17. Emperor - what is your problem?
    If the OP had only cared about mony, he/she wouldn't have got into teaching.
    How many people teaching in the Middle East are there for a good salary so that they can save for retirement or buy/pay off a house? Are you suggesting that they are not there for the money? Of course they are!
    How many people teach in private schools because the money is better? Teachers are not saints and they have material needs (and wants) just like anyone else. If teachers did not care about money, they wouldn't be on here in droves, asking about the packages of various schools/countries.
    Personally, I got into teaching for the right reasons, but while I'm at it, why shouldn't I look around for a well-paying gig?

  18. I agree, sidinz, that we each have needs and that the money is important but the OP himself said it's all about the money and actually emphasised that as being his only concern.
    How can he expect contributors to this forum to spend their time doing his research for him (all he has to do is use the search function as he was advised) when he comes across as solely a money-grabber.
    I'm quite sure that if he were to ask again but include questions relating to teaching, standards etc, that he would find us all more amenable.
    I do genuinely wish him luck.

  19. ...in Kuwait heaven...
  20. Agree with PP. Kuwait is El Dorado when it comes to money. Best of all is the one run by the French lady . Great conditions and facilities, fantastic pay, limitless tuition opportunities, understanding supportive management, great accomodation, the list goes on. Aaah Heaven. Also the creative one is grrreat. Avoid anything of the three lettered English schools!!!!

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