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Teaching in the Middle-East

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by gulfgolf, Feb 3, 2010.

  1. Good Lord! We are a touchy lot! Thick skins? Obviously not. Toma1980 - word of advice from a pompous whatever I was called.

    As you go up the ladder (no doubt adding to the woes of the people below you) you will be given access to information that is called 'confidential'. This means that you won't be able to fully explain the reasons for your decisions to the ancient plebs whom you now tower over. As you get higher, and your vista gets wider, you will begin to cringe as you realise that the Oldgits might well have been put in position because they are able to tolerate, manage and develop people like yourself who are so full of beans they make tigger look positively torpid. At some stage, because of the necessity to keep confidential things confidential, you might even begin to understand some of the constraints that oldgits in positions of authority have to operate under. And then you may well look back at at those outbursts at attitudes...just as those above you are sighing and those who have been there are sniggering.

    You better report this quick before anyone sees it.
  2. Fair enough. However do you remember the post in question to which I responded? If not, I can assure you that it was anything but a professional or controlled response to my original PROFESSIONAL posting about teaching in the Middle-East.
    I'm sorry, but if someone slagged you off for no apparent reason then a response is natural and considering how unprofessional the response was by 'Oldgit,' then he/she deserved a ticking off.
    "As a member of SMT, which perhaps you wish to be some day."
    I really don't appreciate the condescending comment. There's nothing like being a bit of a snob is there? I AM already on the SMT and showing a bit of passion when it comes to one's job should not be frowned upon.
    I came onto this website for advice which was what my original posting was all about. That point seems to have be lost. Many thanks to those people who did give sound advice and engaged in constructive feedback. I REALLY appreciate your time and input.
  3. gulfgolf

    gulfgolf Established commenter

    Sincere apologies if I offended. I honestly did not pick up that you were already on the SMT, but I thought I detected from your posts certain reflective qualities that might lead you in that direction. I never meant to be condescending (many excellent teachers have no desire to move towards SMT), rather supportive.
  4. Aaaah! I love it! Whenever someone talks *** or wants to introduce a new piece of paper that will 'improve [insert your piece of jargon here]' but will do nothing but add to teachers' workload and distract from looking after kids or teachin' the little blighters and the staff naturally rebell (knowing full well that the said piece of paper has nothing to do with teaching but all to do with the promotion of the tyke who wrote it) the cry from the person who dreamt it up in a moment of pompous self important delirium is always "BUT I'M JUST BEING PROFESSIONAL!"

    As if the people who object to your attempt to shin up the greasy pole are not.

    You ARE going to report this one aren't you?
  5. My God you're irritating
  6. oldgit

    oldgit New commenter

    Please note:
    Any resemblance between myself and the young pretender masquerading as Oldgit61 is purely plagiaristic!
    I don't lurk around these parts any longer but occasionally pop in looking for light entertainment. Rarely am I disappointed.
    The original old git.

  7. I stand in your shadow, master.
  8. rooster1

    rooster1 New commenter

    I'm going to take this lull in the mud slinging as chance to slink across the room to find a safer position...right I'm clear carry on. Oh and as for that piece of paper, well I hardly think it's just the younger teachers who are behind the delivery of new initiatives or have a need to climb the greasy pole. Wasn't this a request for advice? Seems to have given people the chance to wage the age old battle of the ageist and aged that's been going on for ages.
  9. nefteyugansk

    nefteyugansk New commenter

    I know how you feel. Just remember many Schools are run as a business and many Staff are here for the money. That's life. The rest is like se*. You fake about 90% to keep the other half happy. There are good Schools out there, but they are snapped up quickly. You have time; so look out for jobs now and console yourself that June is not far away. We all have been there and some of us still are.

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