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Teaching in the Middle-East

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by gulfgolf, Feb 3, 2010.

  1. gulfgolf

    gulfgolf Established commenter

    It sounds like you're having a terrible time and I certainly feel badly for you. Sounds like you do need a new school, and non-profits are possibly the way to go.
    Remember that you are seeing one school in the ME. Don't extrapolate to all or even most schools, as the things you describe are pretty dire and not typical of the good schools. Good schools may be in the minority, but I hate to see them mentioned in the same vein as the plethora of also-rans who call themselves schools.
    Good schools may have many teachers who've taught for 15 or more years, but they still hire younger teachers. Give it a go.
    Remember that those old crusties you work with are probably in a cruddy school because they can't get better despite their so-called experience. If they were good, they'd be somewhere good. Good schools want good teachers, young or old.
    So turn in your notice and start looking. Anything's better than staying where you are and waking up in 15 years to find you're an old crusty.

  2. Depends on your age and subject. You could be 145 years old but if you teach maths, you're in!
    So, you have the advantage over the crusty 'no walk the talk' types at your place.
    There are loads of good schools in the ME, not necessarily looking for old staff, but definitely stable. Youngsters tend to back pack, do a couple of years and trot off to the next big place on their things to do list.
    I am of the old, crusty variety and am still able to walk and talk at the same time. I hope.

  3. gulfgolf

    gulfgolf Established commenter

    You may be old, I have no evidence either way, but if you can still walk AND talk, you ain't no crusty. [​IMG]
  4. lovely.lady

    lovely.lady Occasional commenter

    So very true! However, Oldgit61, schools often apply this thinking because they don't wish to pay for experience then when the proverbial hits the air conditioning unit, they blame it on the lack of experience! What is this world coming to?
    Mind you, I do have to agree with the OPs comment about Principals! Our Principal gladly announced at a whole school staff meeting that "I was not that good with children that's why I work with adults as a Head!" Mmmmmmm!!

  5. Geez Oldgit, too close to the bone?
    Nowhere did OP slam experience, nor older teachers in general. What he/she did say is that some older teachers at her school are letting the side down.
    And let's face it, we've all seen fossils out there, who haven't changed their teaching approaches in 30 years and are stuck in a rut that goes clear to China.
    Just as I have older colleagues who are dynamic, caring teachers who are always looking to up their game, I have also had colleagues who are just going through the motions until retirement day and complain about everything.
    Just because OP has come across some teachers who equate being experienced with being effective and was griping about it does not mean that he/she believes that only younger teachers are effective.
    A real knee-jerk reaction if ever I saw one.
  6. Not all non-profit schools have happier staff.
    Not all for-profit schools have unhappier staff.
  7. I love alliteration.
  8. Prefer a good oxymoron meself!
  9. Where did it go? Someone called someone a pompous p&%*£ and it got removed!
    My alliteration comment looks pretty dumb without it there.
    If it wasn't for similes, Blackadder would never have been.
    And neither would Frankie Boyle (been famous).
  10. Missed that. Who was called a pompous p&%*£ ?
    Please say it was me - I haven't been called something like that for days.
  11. Sorry, Robbie, not you.
    Think it was the OP to 'oldgit61'.
    Was it called for? Possibly not. Was it funny? Oh, yes.
    The finest piece of alliteration I ever heard was from cricketer John Emburey who allegedly yelled (after being bowled out and destroying his bat in the changing room), " The f*****g f*****s, f*****g f*****d!"
    But I am easily pleased.
  12. Yeah, it was me. Got a bit hot under the collar. Did he deserve it? Absolutely. I'm glad it tickled you though.
    I also said in the post that I wasn't an NQT and that I do hold a position of responsibility. I was only commenting about the people I have come across here in my current job. I was NOT slurring every experienced teacher out there.
    I just felt that he made it a bit too personal.
    Liking the alliteration quote though. Inspiring!
  13. gulfgolf

    gulfgolf Established commenter

    Nobody asked me, but here I go.
    Toma, you may have been hot under the collar, but you should have controlled yourself. Certain longterm posters on this site engage in lot of banter, not always entirely professional, but controlled in its own way. Reacting to them, perhaps overreacting, does not advertise the qualities for which you are attempting to promote yourself. As a member of SMT, which perhaps you wish to be some day, would you want to promote a member of staff who was prone to slinging mud and then apologizing, or someone who kept the anger under control and expressed a measured response?
    We're none of us perfect, and I know I've shown a bit of anger now and again, but it's something to think about when posting professional questions on a professional site. These posters could be the contacts that get you a job in a better school.
  14. All true, Gulfgolf (more alliteration...), but posters have thick skins too. I doubt Oldgit was too offended; I certanly wouldn't be if someone had called me a pompous p****. Actually, that's not true - I would have been very offended by the pompous bit.
    I hope to see more of this Toma sort on the threads. I lke a bit of banter too and let's face it, the death threats from the number 1 mentalhead are long in the past. I hope....
  15. gulfgolf

    gulfgolf Established commenter

    And I've always respected your willingness to get as good as you give. [​IMG] Our styles are very different, it's true. But one thing I like about your posts is the good humour that goes with the insults, something I missed in Toma's post.
  16. We are all inclined to fly of the handle occasionally so tetchy Toma's tiny tantrum is forgivable.

    (that was actually astoundingly appropriate alliteration) [​IMG]

  17. Gulfgolf: It's the way it should be, as it would be in the pub.
    Or in M's lounge.
    There are some on these threads that create an 'alter-ego', clearly not happy with themselves... .
    Bless 'em.
    Is Ruby, Ruby, Ruby (The KCs) alliteration or just right, royal, really ridiculous
  18. I wouldn't do it for all the tea in China ... You might run into these ^^^^^ nutjobs.
    Enjoy the rugby on Saturday FP? You were conspicuous by your absence.
  19. I thought conspicuous by my presence. Have I changed that much? Were you sitting with a lady with Welsh shirt on? Just behind me?
    0 out of 10 for observation, maja. I wonder if mad clovis was there, too...
  20. I blame the beer goggles! I tend not to look down, being such a short ****, I look up. Things look different from a higher perspective. Ooops.

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