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Teaching in the cayman isles

Discussion in 'Teaching overseas' started by treefrog101, Mar 15, 2018.

  1. russellchild3

    russellchild3 New commenter

    My colleague in Cayman says while it is not easy a lot of 'white' expats come there and expect the same privilege they enjoy in Europe at the same time looking down on the place with a third world mentality am told the Caribbean teachers endure without complaint and just get on. I find this experience similar to when I taught in UAE the UK and USA teachers arrive with a sense of entitlement as if the world owes them a favour they often leave disappointed.
  2. treefrog101

    treefrog101 New commenter

    That's great! I haven't heard from anyone else going but I am sure we are not the only ones! Would be great to hear how you are getting on with everything either on this thread or you can pm me, it feels very soon now we are in the last half term!
  3. treefrog101

    treefrog101 New commenter

    It does seem to get a lot of negative pa on this site, there are a couple of other expat forums that I have joined that seem to have a more positive view. Tbh I'm going for the experience I am sure it will be challenging as all big changes are but I think the whole process will be good for me!
  4. treefrog101

    treefrog101 New commenter

    What does sliding scale reference mean? Good news about buses and walking we are planning to get a car and a scooter but not sure how long that will take and I would prefer to at least walk to work if I can.
  5. russellchild3

    russellchild3 New commenter

    Hi we could get in touch I arrive in August I have some friends there who already told me its not all that bad
    treefrog101 likes this.
  6. 576

    576 Established commenter

    Living on Cayman is great (when there are no hurricanes).
    Teaching in a govt school on Cayman is challenging and frustrating.
    Caribbean teachers do tolerate a lot - like white colleagues who are less experienced / suited being promoted over them. But my friends were all Bajan/ Jamaican and are wonderful warm people.
    treefrog101 likes this.
  7. treefrog101

    treefrog101 New commenter

    Russelschild3 I’ve sent you a pm I think!
  8. karinamaloney

    karinamaloney New commenter

    Hi treefrog what has your experience been like so far?
  9. treefrog101

    treefrog101 New commenter

    I've sent you a pm
  10. CHAZ47

    CHAZ47 New commenter

    Anybody got an update on what it’s like currently? Cayman press are reporting significant pay rises for 2019. I have read with interest, negative comments about behaviour. Anyone willing to elaborate?
  11. treefrog101

    treefrog101 New commenter

    I've sent you a pm
  12. Nev1980

    Nev1980 New commenter

    Hi Treefrog,

    Would you mind sharing your experience so far. Been following your thread and now that you’ve landed and settled I’d love to find out a bit more. Have seen a job on here I’m contemplating but would like to hear what you think of Cayman.

    Yours hoping

  13. treefrog101

    treefrog101 New commenter

    I've sent you a pm

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