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Teaching in Thailand visa marriage question

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by zedjay11, Jul 1, 2020.

  1. zedjay11

    zedjay11 New commenter

    So, I've searched the interweb high and low and can't seem to find a definitive answer anywhere.

    My wife and I are a married lesbian couple. We are thinking about moving abroad, preferably Thailand, for me to teach in a British international school. I've noticed that these jobs in international schools come with benefits such as accommodation, visa help and health insurance - these benefits extend to a spouse/dependants.

    My question is would my non-teaching wife be eligible to be classed as a spouse for these benefits if Thailand does not legally recognise same-sex marriage? This is basically the only sticking point holding us back but it's kind of a pretty big one if we can't feasibly forge a way of life out there.

    Thanks in advance :)
  2. Karvol

    Karvol Occasional commenter

    If a country does not recognise your marriage under its legal system, you will not be eligible for spousal benefits. No one here can adequately advise you, you need to speak to the school you are interested in.

    Should you be clear and open with them up front? A difficult question, but would you really wish to teach in a school that would not offer you a job if they knew you were gay?
  3. grdwdgrrrl

    grdwdgrrrl Occasional commenter

    My school has hired same sex partners with a non teaching partner. However, my school does not extend health insurance to any spouse/partner just flights.
  4. zedjay11

    zedjay11 New commenter

    Yeah we know it would depend on the school but just wondered if anyone had any experience before we get as far as me signing a contract for a job and realise it's a no go.
    We're not even overly fussed on people's opinions once there just need to know the viability.
    Thank you x
  5. zedjay11

    zedjay11 New commenter

    This is super encouraging to know that it is possible. As long as we can potentially live together in the school provided accomodation then we can work out the rest.
    Thank you x
  6. 24hours

    24hours New commenter

    I think it would be more down to whether the partner is eligible for a visa as a dependent.

    rather than the school having issues with it.
  7. zedjay11

    zedjay11 New commenter

    Just out of interest what would or wouldn't make her eligible for a visa as a dependent? Incase we've missed some factors
  8. knicknakss

    knicknakss New commenter

  9. Helen-Back

    Helen-Back Occasional commenter

    Visas aren't available for same sex couples. You partner can do a visa run every three months but eventually will be advised that she is abusing the system and be told not to return to Thailand for a period of time (three to six months). You'll never know when that is coming.
  10. mightyb

    mightyb New commenter

    We have quite lot of lesbian couples at my school. I asked a friend your question and
    she said the following:

    Spouse benefits should be given, as its from the school not the government. It probably depends on the school and country though. In Thailand, it’s still not possible (not easily anyway) to get a spouse visa for same-sex married couples though.

    You are welcome to PM me if you wish :)
  11. sid1913

    sid1913 New commenter

    My old school in Bangkok did recognize this and partners got the benefits! It’s one of the more we’ll known schools
  12. Mr robinson

    Mr robinson New commenter

    10 years ago now, but when I was in Phuket my school gave all benefits to same sex couples. Visas may be an issue. Just be totally up-front with the school and if the school says no, then you wouldn't want to work there anyway.

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