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Teaching in Texas?

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by juliaoldham, Feb 24, 2020.

  1. juliaoldham

    juliaoldham New commenter


    I have just moved to houston texas with my husband. I have recently just recieved my work visa and SSN and now want to get a pe teaching job in a secondary school. I have taught in scotland for 6 years in Glasgow. I was wondering what I need to be able to teach in Texas? Any help would be great :)
  2. Arepa

    Arepa New commenter

    If you want a position quickly, try private schools/independent schools (Google). There is even a British International School in Houston. Be warned though that some of the other private schools are awful. Check them out before you apply. there are also some quite good ones. I would begin by checking their web sites (they usually have job listings on it. You could also just cold call Human Resources in each school and see if there is an immediate opening. Usually, there are immediate openings for substitute teachers. If you want a public school (state school), that is a more time consuming and bureaucratic process. You will have to get your Scottish credentials evaluated and will also, probably have to take some classes in education and Texas History (remember the Alamo!), Just go to Mr. Google. However, if you register as a substitute, you don't need any of this.

    Good luck, pard'ner
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  3. sunnyshine

    sunnyshine New commenter

    Hi Julia,
    How long did it take you to get your work visa?

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