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Teaching in Spain

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by mrjack, Mar 15, 2016.

  1. mrjack

    mrjack Occasional commenter

    HI All,
    Just wandering what is a fair salary for a teacher with over fifteen years teaching experience is in Spain and whether or not one can live well and same some on the salary.
    Thanks in advance
  2. spanboy

    spanboy Occasional commenter

    Schools will, by and large, pay you the same whether you have 2 years or 22 years experience. Perhaps if you're a maths or physics teacher they may negotiate salary with you. For a main scale teacher in an International school in Spain you're looking at somewhere between €1700-2100/month take home pay (in the south, anyway) but this can vary widely from school to school. I've heard of teachers in Barcelona and Madrid working for less than this. There are no 'packages' as in UAE etc - you have to pay tax, accommodation, utilities etc.

    Cost of living, I find, is roughly on a par with UK everything considered - some things are cheaper, some things dearer, but it probably works out about the same overall - what you save on heating you spend on aircon...what you save on council tax you spend on 'comunidad' charges etc etc.

    However, quality of life is MUCH better than the UK (if you're coming from there, that is.)
  3. dumbbells66

    dumbbells66 Lead commenter

    i hope you have done your research !!!! Spain can be a real gamble with the quality of the schools. personally i would move back there in a heartbeat to live, fantastic place.... to work, never again. you will find that most international schools wont distinguish between 2 or 20 years experience as spanboy says. some may have a slight increase, but it wont be anything like the UK. most schools will reward you for staying at their school (usually a larger step increase in year 3).
  4. mrjack

    mrjack Occasional commenter

    So if your earning around 1,800 gross in the south of Spain, would that be a struggle financially ? impossible to save a little every month ?
  5. miketribe

    miketribe Established commenter

    It's just about doable but you certainly wouldn't save much unless you live like a monk...
  6. musikteech

    musikteech Occasional commenter

    1800 euros or pounds?

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