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Teaching in residential care establishments

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by tom_nixon1982, Jan 5, 2018.

  1. tom_nixon1982

    tom_nixon1982 New commenter

    I have been searching for a forum, thread, link any kind of contact i can make with fellow professionals working in this area and have not found anything!
    It can be quite a difficult experience as i have found. Not only working with very damaged young people, who have often been moved out of area and told this is how your education is going to be delivered from now on, but also as a tutor feeling isolated. You are often the only person who works there providing the school experience. Not having anyone to bounce ideas off can be tough.
    Anyway, I am starting this thread in the hope of providing support and assistance and to provide practical help and solutions to the many, many issues that crop up.
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  2. Flanks

    Flanks Senior commenter

    I have worked in that environment before, and yes the lone worker aspect is the toughest part I think, not least because we need colleagues to help us express our difficulties, successes etc. Great idea to start this thread!
  3. tom_nixon1982

    tom_nixon1982 New commenter

    I hope to raise issues as they occur (or pop into my head!) to try and get some feedback or advice on how best to deal with this.
    One of the ongoing concerns is how little information about previous education the young people can come with. This is something that i am trying to resolve in my current role but it can be months before there is a PEP meeting to try and get caught up.
    I have contacted previous schools and social workers but this all takes time and when you are working 1-1 with the student for 15 hours a week its challenging.
    I have started to use BKSB assessment to give me a starting point, and to help provide smart targets and contribute to their ILP.
    Any advice on different assessment methods or how to get the relevant information would be greatly appreciated!

    Also, PEPs - I am currently working with 3 different councils and they each have different form, mechanisms for the paperwork that goes along with the meetings. Also the expectations of each virtual school seems to be different in the way i report back to them. Is this normal?

    Thanks in advance
  4. tom_nixon1982

    tom_nixon1982 New commenter

  5. candyflossie

    candyflossie New commenter

    Evening Tom, where are you based we are a similar provision and always happy to share good practice. We can work with LA's all over as students are Looked After, it is annoying when documentation continually differs was hoping the transfer of Statement to EHC would be more universal but seems each LA has different version of that too! :)

    Jennifer Parry :)
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  6. JulesDaulby

    JulesDaulby Occasional commenter

    Great idea - if I were to promote for you how would you best describe this thread in a tweet?
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  7. tom_nixon1982

    tom_nixon1982 New commenter

    Hi Jenny
    I am based in Stockport but work with LAs from around the country. I too was hoping that the implementation of EHC would standardise, but no such luck!!;)
    What ages are the young people you work with?Also, does your local LA offer any training in the completion of the relevant paperwork (some do)? This is something i feel would be beneficial and should be available across the country.
  8. tom_nixon1982

    tom_nixon1982 New commenter

    Hi Jules

    Apologies for the unbelievably slow response!
    I really do want to get this forum up and running. I have some interesting thoughts to start posting and would appreciate the help in promotion.
    The tweet could read something like - what are your experiences working with looked after children?
    Ill be honest ive never tweeted anything before so a little unsure if this is the right format!!
    If you think there should be some changesto it, please go for it:)
    And thanks again

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