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teaching in reception

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by mimi-dee, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. Hi, unfortunately i am not sure what you are going to be teaching, but i have just attached one of my lesson plans which clearly shows how you could engage the children to stay focused. This is how i do it on a day to day and i teach reception too. You just have to use different tools and make sure they are active and not stationed at one point for too long.

    My plan is not perfect but hopefully it will help you. all the best

  2. <table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" class="MsoNormalTable" style="margin:auto auto auto -5.3pt;border-collapse:collapse;border:medium none;"><tr><td style="padding-bottom:0cm;background-color:transparent;padding-left:5.4pt;width:239.4pt;padding-right:5.4pt;padding-top:0cm;border:black 1pt solid;">Date: MATH Nov 16, 2010
    </td><td style="border-bottom:black 1pt solid;border-left:#f0f0f0;padding-bottom:0cm;background-color:transparent;padding-left:5.4pt;width:239.4pt;padding-right:5.4pt;border-top:black 1pt solid;border-right:black 1pt solid;padding-top:0cm;">Class: MimiKay 15 children</td></tr><tr style="height:64.75pt;"><td style="border-bottom:black 1pt solid;border-left:black 1pt solid;padding-bottom:0cm;background-color:transparent;padding-left:5.4pt;width:239.4pt;padding-right:5.4pt;height:64.75pt;border-top:#f0f0f0;border-right:black 1pt solid;padding-top:0cm;">Objectives:Introduce the months of the yearIntroduce the corresponding numbers to each month.</td><td style="border-bottom:black 1pt solid;border-left:#f0f0f0;padding-bottom:0cm;background-color:transparent;padding-left:5.4pt;width:239.4pt;padding-right:5.4pt;height:64.75pt;border-top:#f0f0f0;border-right:black 1pt solid;padding-top:0cm;">Resources:A4 posters of months of the year1-12 numbered magnetschildren&rsquo;s math workbookswhiteboard/markerpencils</td></tr><tr style="height:33.6pt;"><td colspan="2" style="border-bottom:black 1pt solid;border-left:black 1pt solid;padding-bottom:0cm;background-color:transparent;padding-left:5.4pt;width:478.8pt;padding-right:5.4pt;height:33.6pt;border-top:#f0f0f0;border-right:black 1pt solid;padding-top:0cm;">Attention-getting/Introduction:2 mins. We are going to learn a new song! Days of the Month (tune 10 little Indians) I sing it to them first.
  3. Unless your school has a very formal ethos I would not risk using a whole class activity of filling in worksheets.

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