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Teaching in Qatar

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by zashmon, Jan 16, 2018.

  1. 2393ka

    2393ka New commenter

    I heard they will only start issuing new visas from September first, so you will have to wait until after this date.

    I hope it goes well
  2. taiyah

    taiyah Occasional commenter

    @malsevtar79 the US is NOT a low risk country. There are American teachers who have their resident permit (RP) and has found it difficult to get back and have had to cancel flights.

    Best case scenario mid Sept. Most likely scenario early end Sept - early October.

    It’s a waiting game. If you’re still getting paid, then it means you’ve landed a good school.
  3. salamandes

    salamandes New commenter

    Just arrived back in Q. and found the whole process to be very straightforward.

    When I left in June it was made clear that this was a decision taken at my own risk, e.g. any issues getting back from the U.K. could lead to sanctions from my employer.

    I was really not looking forward to the two weeks hotel quarantine cutting into my time at home but that never came to pass.

    My flight from Heathrow was ridiculously empty. I’d estimate 50 people on an A350 with space for 300+. The drinks seemed to be coming round very frequently. There was another flight scheduled two hours after mine, again from Heathrow.

    Hamad was very quiet. Straight into arrivals, pre-filled paperwork handed over and then a bus deep into the bowels for nose and throat swab which was quick and professional. Week in isolation now but not in my hotel.

    I had a RP already so it may be different for those coming out for first time. However, it seems that my school have honoured the contracts of the people they recruited earlier in the year and we are set to start off working remotely in line with timetable from MOE.

    Any thoughts on October half term? Surely going to be a few people who have enjoyed enough staycation for a while and are keen to get out for a week...
  4. february31st

    february31st Established commenter

    I would just about make plans to leave the apartment neighborhood, never mind leave the country.

    Maybe make travel plans for July 2021 is me been optimistic!
  5. truth_seeker12

    truth_seeker12 Occasional commenter

    They have started issuing visas for new staff. Just hold on and see what happens.

    The government is yet to decide and be certain how classes will be presented. If it is online, then they will require less staff as parents will not want to pay. This is an issue for current staff too. We are understaffed as no new staff have been able to join us from outside the country.
  6. malsevtar79

    malsevtar79 New commenter

    Thanks! My visa has been processed as of yesterday and my flight is scheduled for Wednesday. Hopefully all goes well!

    So do you think they’ll cut staff if classes are online since parents won’t want to pay? My head of school said he has a hunch online will be the plan. I figured they still need me since they’ve confirmed my flight, but I read someone on another thread warn others not to be surprised if they’re sent home after quarantine as schools may find themselves with lower enrollment than planned.
  7. truth_seeker12

    truth_seeker12 Occasional commenter

    Once you have signed your contract and it is attested then you are protected by the government. It's no so easy to get rid of people as it used to be. I will send you PM.
  8. salamandes

    salamandes New commenter

    So our school has told us that we *could* travel at half term.

    However we’d need to be back in person for first day of next half term and so no one is going anywhere.

    Quarantine arrangements have been extended to the end of October.

    February 31st has already said next summer as the next likely time to get out and looks like he is right..

    Is this there anyone in the Middle East who is travelling internationally in the upcoming half term? Are all the Gulf States on the same footing?

    Anyone have any ideas about winter break ? Looks like a hot and sandy Christmas this year.

  9. deadly lampshade

    deadly lampshade New commenter

    And now they are extended until 31st December. A Qatar Christmas is now in the plans!
  10. WippleSnapple

    WippleSnapple New commenter

    Not travelling, but speak weekly with a couple of heads out that way who are repeatedly warning their staff that it is not just the quarantine that is the issue, but the risk of the country they visit being barred from entry on return so quarantine cannot even be completed. Either because they have a x wave, or a tit-for-tat border closing.

    Summer 2021 is the earliest we will see any normality return. It's hard to remember that this is only 10 months into it officially, 6-7 months for many countries that started late putting measures in place.

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