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Teaching in Oman

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by Lottatea, Aug 21, 2020.

  1. Lottatea

    Lottatea New commenter

    Hi all, i am looking to apply for a position in a school in Oman. "dry grass" al sharouq. Does anyone have any experience with this particular school. Any information is appreciated even any information from someone currently in Oman on living cost, packages etc. I am also womderimg why the school is recruiting so late in the year... Thank you
  2. TreeMaroonDog15

    TreeMaroonDog15 New commenter

    Hi! No idea about the school but I do know that the Oman supreme committee postponed the academic year in Oman until the 1st November. I have been told that international schools are currently unsure whether they will be allowed to open before this date.


    They may be recruiting so late in the year because that virus that a few people around the world have caught may have slightly affected the school in terms of staff returning or students enrolling for the next academic year.
  3. Lottatea

    Lottatea New commenter

    Thank you for your reply. Having done a bit more research, i have read the school is managed by a couple and apparently tbey are nit very nice at all.... Is there a hippo around?
  4. forest1234

    forest1234 New commenter

    I would be very cautious about this place. A few years ago they had to fire all their teachers due to a change in management companies. This meant they could not get visas for existing staff. This can be understandable but the way they strung along the teachers was awful. The couple that managed the school left several years ago now.
    Today they continue to have a lot of turnover of staff and from my brief visit to Sur it definitely is a small town when I traveled from the UAE to visit a friend who used to work there.
    Oman is a nice country though.
  5. norwichred

    norwichred Occasional commenter

    I worked there the year it opened. They fired the entire staff at Christmas in order to avoid paying the gratuity and replaced us all. At that time Sur was literally the school, the plant and nothing else.

    there were advantages - beautiful area, deserted, stunning country lovely locals - but they also held our passports so we couldn’t go anywhere, and also never sponsored us.

    Bear in mind this is a LONG time ago though.
  6. Lottatea

    Lottatea New commenter

    Thank you for your replies. It seems Oman is definitely a wonderful country, but this is not the school worth travelling across the globe for.
  7. desertphantom

    desertphantom New commenter

    To anybody reading this please take my advice and do not move to Oman unless it is to one of the top three international schools. The country is a fantastic place to be but these smaller private schools are run by immoral, greedy cowboys who really are taking advantage of naive and well-meaning international teachers, as well as the young but similarly naive population.

    Schools shut there in February, all teachers were told to stay in the country even after the airport was closed (it is still closed) and many remain there, stuck, while it has recently been announced that no schools will open until November at the earliest! Even as a teacher due to move on to a new school this academic year, I was told that I was not permitted to leave the country, of course I did and despite carrying out all online teaching duties from the UK the school still attempted to withhold 3.5 months salary plus gratuity citing various ridiculous illegal barriers to payment, barriers which they knew full well couldn't be cleared without returning to the country (with the borders still closed).

    Having exhausted lawyers, the embassy and appeals to the company's CEO I very nearly had to get one of the parents involved (the CEO of the national bank and his royal highness the prince of Zanzibar...!) just to be paid what I was owed but it seems that the perseverance (hourly scheduled emails to the finance manager) paid off and they settled. Anyway while this is a 'fun' story for the future it is sadly by no means the only case, even before Covid outgoing staff were screwed over with the school using any excuse it could to not pay properly, some teachers even having to get the ministry of manpower involved to get paid what they were owed and I know that these situations were not just restricted to my piddling little school in the wasteland but to many more too.

    The moral of the story is don't allow yourself to be wooed by the sun and tax free salary, consider the conditions you have right now and whether you want to put all job security and professional standards behind you on a wing and a prayer, and especially in today's international climate. Consider roles from reputable and established schools only or you may well end up in a very stressful and confusing situation. It has also been interesting to note that the online petition signed by 130 of our parents to stop paying fees for the pathetic remote learning which the school was offering has now disappeared - needless to say, things don't bode well.
    Landshark7 and Lottatea like this.
  8. Lottatea

    Lottatea New commenter

    Thank you for sharing this... It is very useful and I do feel for you. I hope your new school will work out better.
    What would be the three top schools, as i am keen to move out within this academic year if possible, although may have to wait till the next one... I will see how it goes.
  9. desertphantom

    desertphantom New commenter

    Anyone who wants further info about schools or life there in general PM me :)
    Lottatea likes this.
  10. Susanne12345

    Susanne12345 New commenter

    I did work at one of the top 3 schools, won teaching awards and had outstanding results the likes of which the school had never seen. I was bullied mercilessly by my HoD and the principal until i was signed off sick by the GP for 2 weeks. I was then bullied into returning to full time work (the head of senior actually arrived unwelcome at my front door).

    Oman is amazing, the people are wonderful and the students are bright, caring individuals. However, the schools leadership systems (even at the top tier) are awful. They treat staff like slaves, select favourites with no apparent awareness of ethic or work (simply on friendships) and then wonder why parents are enraged.

    By all means go to Oman, but on holiday.
  11. andrewbailey1967

    andrewbailey1967 New commenter

    How can I do that?
  12. mrjack

    mrjack Occasional commenter

    is 1200 OMR per month acceptable ? I have seen a role on all over the place teaching but don't know what the name of the school is.
  13. khanadn

    khanadn New commenter

    1200 OMR is a reasonable salary, but its all relative, and depends on the overall package. I spent 3 years in Oman and absolutely loved it, and I echo the sentiments of a lot of the folks in this post, that it is a beautiful country very different to the rest of the Middle East with great locals. However a word of caution it is very expensive, and in the 2 years that I have left, I believe it has become even more so - with big tax increases. They seem to be going through a rough time as a country, compounded by the pandemic, spiraling covid cases and an economic downturn, throw in a few curfews and it doesnt make it sound very appealing currently,
  14. mrjack

    mrjack Occasional commenter

    Ok, thanks for getting back to me. Do you have insider knowledge then on the level of lockdowns and how it is there on the ground ?
  15. moo cow

    moo cow New commenter

    Oman has a night time curfew from 8 to 5 at the moment. Infections and numbers in hospital are on the rise. Masks should be worn and temperature checks to enter shops.
    Oman has a similar population to Scotland and our infection rate and deaths are at a similar level at the moment but more people here are in hospital and in intensive care.
  16. mrjack

    mrjack Occasional commenter

    Ok, thanks for your input I appreciate that. How do you like Oman and what do you think of 1200 OMR per month ?
  17. moo cow

    moo cow New commenter

    1200 plus accommodation is a standard wage. Of course a few schools pay more and a lot of schools pay less.
    Oman is a great place to live. It is like anywhere with ups and downs but in my opinion great people, culture and amazing landscapes
  18. mrjack

    mrjack Occasional commenter

    Thanks for that, so I would be able to live decent on that wage in Oman then ? would some saving be possible on that kind of wage ? or would things be tight ?
  19. TreeMaroonDog15

    TreeMaroonDog15 New commenter

    I'm in Oman at the moment moved here from the UK just over a month ago. Like Moo Cow said there is a night time curfew at the moment and cases seem to be rising. You also can't go to the beach which is a shame. Schools are meant to re-open on the 1st November but a lot of people are saying that this won't happen, instead online learning is likely to continue.

    1200 + accommodation allowances is similar to what I am on but this is my first teaching job so it depends on your experience. You can get a good deal on an apartment as prices have plummeted since the pandemic. In terms of saving it depends on how you live and if you are on your own. I should be able to save a fair bit each month.

    I'm sorry to hear about those that have had negative experiences at their schools in Oman. So far my school has been really good given the current situation we are all in. Oman as a country is awesome! There is plenty to do if you like the outdoors and everyone I have met here has been really friendly and welcoming.

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