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Teaching in New Zealand

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by claire malone, Sep 18, 2018.

  1. claire malone

    claire malone New commenter

    Has anyone taught in New Zealand? I'm looking for advice on pay, living expenses and life style.
  2. Sherbear320

    Sherbear320 New commenter


    I currently work in NZ. Life style out of the city amazing, it is now beach season here and we go to the beach most Fridays after work. The workload is ALOT less than the UK and what you can teach is far more flexible. If you are secondary there is a huge shortage of teachers in certain subjects, science, math, ICT. I earn a standard teacher's wage have a stay at home hubby and son, and we live comfortably, BUT this would NOT be the case if I was in one of the major centres. I have a school house so my rent is pretty low. I am at the top of the payscale, so with my management units earn a good wage.

    In fact my pay went up when I left the UK. I MUCH prefer working here! We are in the middle of some major pay negotiations so pay may change, the nurses just got 9% over 2 years!! though they have only offered primary 3 percent a year for the next 3 years!!

    PM me if you like, but it may take me a while to get to you
  3. claire malone

    claire malone New commenter

    Thank you Sherbear320. I am assuming a school house is provided by an independent school?
  4. mrswallow

    mrswallow Occasional commenter

    Most rural schools will have a few school houses available. I'm in my third state school here in NZ, and all three have had school housing available. The houses can be a bit ropey, but they are very cheap. (If you rent a place here in NZ the rates are paid by the landlord- at least they are in a school house. Rates where i am are about 2.3k so a significant saving!)

    I'd agree with everything Sherbear320 has said in her post. There's another 'new' NZ thread on the forum at the moment, so it might be worth a quick search. There's several older threads as well. One resurrected recently is from 2004 (I think).

    Pay? I think is reasonable. We manage a mortgage, three children and a comfortable lifestyle on a single salary. My wife will train as a primary school teacher in the next few years and when she starts earning... Well. Goodness. Compared to a UK salary? Not sure. I'd say at least equivalent. As the GBP tanks, it'll look better and better.

    Expenses? Some stuff is more expensive- books, shoes, some food stuffs. Some 'big ticket' items are cheaper - houses, car insurance, petrol (I think...)

    Work/life balance? A lot better. I'm a lot further south than Sherbear, so it isn't quite beach weather yet, but if you like ski-ing the Q'town and Wanaka ski fields are about a two and a half hour drive away. We'll start heading to the beach after school next term.

    Pupils? Generally a lot easier going, as are most (not all...) SLT that I have met compared to the UK.

    It isn't all fantastic, amazing, gnarly outdoor activities 24/7- I still work reasonably hard, it isn't a permanent holiday. There are also some frustrations and minor glitches. For us though the pros vastly outweigh the cons.

    If you have any specific questions, I'll do my best to answer them.
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  5. 2mature

    2mature New commenter

    Hi Mr swallow...If you could start a conversation with me I would love more info. I am a PE & History teacher

    THank you
  6. Sherbear320

    Sherbear320 New commenter

    No state school not unusual when you go rural
  7. Hi all!

    I'm looking at getting into teaching and could any current teacher in NZ advise on the payscale?

    So i was wondering, do my pay basically gets stuck with no increment after I've reached maximum pay scale there?

  8. 4019775

    4019775 Occasional commenter

  9. Mlockwood81

    Mlockwood81 New commenter

    There's another thread regarding teaching in NZ with some more information in it, if you do a search for it.
  10. Spoofer4114

    Spoofer4114 Lead commenter

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