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Teaching in New Zealand

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by debbieglead, Oct 4, 2016.

  1. debbieglead

    debbieglead New commenter

    I am thinking of moving to NZ and taking on a teaching post (probably in Auckland). Just wanted to chat with someone who currently lives there who has left the UK. How is teaching in NZ? Is it a better work/life balance? I have worked in NZ before but only when travelling. Any info would be gratefully received...I will be moving with my husband and 2 children.
  2. Sherbear320

    Sherbear320 New commenter

    Hi I live in NZ and teach digital tech in a secondary in NZ. The work life balance is MUCH better over here than the UK. However the cost of living in Auckland is terrible. If you haven't got a job edgazette.govt.nz or oasis but you need to have your visa sorted a very few schools will sponsor you but won't put toward the costs.

    As to the cost of living I am at the top of the pay scale have 1 child and married can't afford to stay in Auck as so expensive. So am moving to Wellington or Christchurch at Xmas. I'd say stop in Auck for a year or 2find where you want to be and apply outside Auck or you will be living just to pat bills if you have a family.

    Literacy levels are low and numeracy not good but unless it English they don't tend to mark for literacy though that is beginning to change and I think it best practice to so I still mark for literacy. I am in a tough catchment but believe me compared to uk they are ***** cats. I've found learning about Maori and Pacifica culture has helped hugely with my tougher classes.

    Good luck pm but may take me a while to reply as not on here often

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  3. PlanetXYZ

    PlanetXYZ New commenter

    I can confirm what @Sherbear320 said. I started my teaching career in Auckland, before moving to Asia. Cost of living is extremely high compared to what you earn. Most people I used to teach with in Auckland are thinking of/have left to other parts of NZ. If you have a decent CV, check out the private schools in Auckland. In some cases, they pay 10-15% over the national pay scale for teachers.
  4. mrswallow

    mrswallow Occasional commenter

    Move to the bits of NZ that aren't Auckland. Be aware, Immigration are tightening up and reducing the numbers they let in. Get all you paperwork sorted ASAP. Put your house on the market as soon as you possibly can. Work life balance way better. Not a shining Utopia, there are some significant problems and issues with living here. I've been here 8 years, and I have no intention of returning to the UK.
  5. supertramp1

    supertramp1 New commenter

    I moved out 3 years ago now. Best decision I have ever made.
    Based in Auckland . I don't have a child so cant comment on wage supporting a family etc . but we have a really good quality of life. Live by the beach and surf every morning before work ( wave depending ).
  6. florentinekd

    florentinekd New commenter

    Hi everyone ! I am also thinking of moving to New Zealand to teach. I have been there for a year already with a working holiday visa and loved it ! I was wondering if the NZQA and the teaching council recognised your UK degree easily ? Also, under which visa did you manage to go ? I know the visas have probably changed since then but it is just to get an idea of what are my chances considering the fact that I will have to invest some money into it. Also, do you think schools would be ready to sponsor my visa ?
    I thank you very much for your advice ! I am dreaming of going back but I felt a bit desperate when I surfed on the immigration website... Hopefully you will give me back some hope in here ! ;)
  7. mrswallow

    mrswallow Occasional commenter

    I had to join the (now defunct) New Zealand Teacher's Council before I was granted a visa. I came here under the (now defunct!?) 'Skilled Migrant' category, as I had enough points.

    To join the NZTC, I had to send them a report from the New Zealand Qualifications Authority saying that my degree was 'equivalent' to a NZ degree, and my teaching qualification was 'equivalent' to a NZ teaching qualification. (NOTE If you did something like the GTTP thingy, this was not recognised by the NZQA, so check. If you did a PGCE, then it is...)

    To get my qualifications assessed, I had to send a copy of the degree certificate and PGCE certificate PLUS transcripts for both to the NZQA. They then assessed them and I sent a copy of the report to the NZTC and joined up. *deep breath*

    Next step was to have a very expensive and detailed medical and get a form filled in. This is only valid for three months, so you need to make sure you get it done and posted pretty quickly.

    NZ Immigration may then interview you. They will then make a decision and you're either welcome or not.

    This was all wee while ago, so it will have changed. There are some schools that will expect you to have everything in place and 'good-to-go' before they will even look at your application. If you want to work in a big city/ large town and in a subject like PE, you're going to struggle to get a job. If you are happy to work in a small rural school and teach say, Maths or Physics then you may well get the school considering your application without a visa. I *think* -and I would stress think- that these days you need a job offer in place before a visa, BUT The NZ Immigration web-site should be your first port of call. I'd be minded to get my qualifications approved and join Educanz (the NZTC as was..) and then go to the Education Gazette and start applying... As mentioned, some areas of the country in need of teachers desperately, but in others, jobs are scarce. Some subjects are hard to get jobs in, but STEM subjects are usually a bit easier.
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  8. Sherbear320

    Sherbear320 New commenter


    New government has realised there is a teaching criteria they are looking at streamlining the very long tedious process of being recognised. Talk is teacher from UK Canada and a few other places will have their qualms automatically recognised and there may be a grant of 7k to help you I think they are gonna release details around xmas.

    Although prices to buy a house are going down in Auckland rental hasn't gone down. I really would recommend looking at other areas I am in Hawkes Bay life style cost of living fab.

  9. Sherbear320

    Sherbear320 New commenter

    QUAL recognition straight forward with UK degree. I came on a work visa as secured job before coming. Then changed to resident. Point situation has changed see my later post on this thread about what NZ gov is doing
  10. njayri

    njayri New commenter

    Hi all,
    just adding to this thread as I send my application off to NZTC tomorrow and I seem to be one of the first people really doing it with the pre-approved qualifications list.

    I rang them and they said it was fine to just include a print out of the NZQA pre approved list and my certified qualifications, they ask for PGCE with QTS certificate (the one you get at the end of PGCE completion from NCTL).

    I have this plus a further 2 years of teaching experience which I have included references for. I also have a job offer with a school which I have sent them the evidence of.

    I haven't had much in the way of appraisals/obs over the past two years, so I was wondering if my qualifications are probably enough to go on with the references, which are all glowing, as further evidence is going to be hard to include. Does having a job offer already bolster your chances of being accepted? Is it hard to be accepted? Am I stressing unnecessarily? From what I can make out, you could essentially have no teaching experience apart from your PGCE and gain provisional registration as long as you have an induction and mentoring programme in place in NZ..

    Does anyone have experience of this? Also they state their processing time as ~4 weeks but if it's a matter of just accepting qualifications does it tend to come back sooner?

    Thanks to anyone who can shed some light on the experience :)

    I've already had my medical checks processed for my visa and am itching to get back out to NZ and teach!
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  11. Skeire

    Skeire New commenter

    I would like to hear about your experience with the NZTC. Currently I'm preparing all the documents they ask for.
    How long does it take?
    What are the chances to get a full practising certificate? (I have 6 years experience and 1 year of mentor teaching).
  12. Sherbear320

    Sherbear320 New commenter

    Mine took 3 weeks prior to the fast tracking. If you teach ict or comp sci message me if you fancy living in Hawkes Bay.

  13. Sherbear320

    Sherbear320 New commenter

    You will get a prt2 certificate and have to complete a portfolio of evidence really easy and you get reduced timetable
  14. Skeire

    Skeire New commenter

    I would love to live in Hawkes Bay but I don't teach ICT unfortunately......I'm an early childhood teacher....Anyway thanks for your reply...
  15. ruboos

    ruboos New commenter

    Sorry to jump on the thread.
    I have been teaching 8 years (comp sci) did the gtp route.

    Me and the family are looking to move to NZ and I am looking to undertake a PGCE without QTS, as I already have it.

    Do you know if this would be recognised/accepted?
  16. mrswallow

    mrswallow Occasional commenter

  17. mrswallow

    mrswallow Occasional commenter

    As Sherbear320 has said you will be able to skip the first year of being Provisionally Registered Teacher, but will have to do a year as a PRT. Good news- it won't affect your salary as this is based on years of actual teaching, and it should mean a slightly reduced timetable. You will also be given a mentor/ PRT specific training to help out.

    The thing is, you can skip a year because you have experience of most of the Registered Teacher Criteria (as I think they are called now...) but some of the standards are unique to New Zealand, so there is no real way of gaining evidence that you have met those standards. (See #3. #9 and #10..) Um. It isn't difficult per se to actually do, but unless you have a large number of Maori students where you currently work you can't really do it. I hope this makes sense.

    As an aside, I was under the impression that the RTC had been changed for this year and there were now only six, but I can't seem to find them online. The new ones are pretty similar. (I also have an unsubstantiated and hazy recollection that if you are on the UPS and have gone through threshold, then you can skip the second year of PRT anyway. I don't know if this is correct at time of writing.

    TLDR contact Educanz directly.
  18. Sherbear320

    Sherbear320 New commenter

    There is a discretionary certification if your qual isn’t equivalent I think it would be a case by case basis. As you no longer need your qualms varified as a teacher to get a practicing cert. go to teaching council. Present them with qualms and references and they should be able to give you some indication. ICT comp sci is critical shortage here. I was only in country to apply for my job and my current school doubts they will get anyone so are hoping for an English teacher.
  19. Sherbear320

    Sherbear320 New commenter

  20. ruboos

    ruboos New commenter

    Thank you for the advice Shebear320.

    I have had email tennis for the past 2 weeks now.

    Both education council and NZQA tell me to contact the other.

    I am going to proceed with the PGCE course and do the IQA route in June 2019.

    In regards to looking for a job, I have read on several forums that lots of jobs are not really advertised in NZ.

    I am wondering how responsive schools would be to a speculative email with CV and cover letter in regards to potentially securing an interview.

    Again, any advice is very much appreciated.


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