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teaching in Milan

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by mumiron, Jan 18, 2019.

  1. mumiron

    mumiron New commenter

    I am seriously thinking of working in Milan. Currently teaching in the UK. Have done stints in other European cities. Does anyone have experience or advice about international schools and working conditions in Milan? Feels like a leap of faith as there is so little to go by. Language isn't a problem. I'm worried about how professional the schools are and surviving on vino, sun and probably a minuscule salary in an expensive city. I have scoured previous posts on Milan. Would really appreciate any up-to-date advice.
  2. Teachallover

    Teachallover Occasional commenter

  3. Teachallover

    Teachallover Occasional commenter

    As far as I am aware and since backed up by other teachers I have met this information is still up to date.
  4. briancant

    briancant Occasional commenter

    Not so sure about the sun and vino. The winter in Milan is cold and miserable. This is an expensive city. I did a short period of supply in one of the big IB schools north of the center. I was put in a very difficult position in an awful department and didn't enjoy my time there at all. No resources, no support, badly behaved students. I can only comment on that particular school but standards were very very low.
  5. mumiron

    mumiron New commenter

    Thank you for link and replies. Brian, was your experience within the last 2 years? I believe the school now belongs to a consortium and has changed?
  6. 24hours

    24hours New commenter

    We’re based further down in Italy. Salary’s for your bog standard teacher are quite low across the country with Milan being particularly expensive.

    Having said that, the opportunities that teaching abroad offer do not always need to mean financial gain. If moving to Milan is something you wish to do then do it.

    Milan is one of the nicer cities where the bins get taken on a slightly more regular basis than other areas.
  7. briancant

    briancant Occasional commenter

    Hi it was about 2 years ago. The school was part of a big group. I had a bad experience but I think those in different departments teaching mostly diploma level enjoyed it more. That being said I really couldn't recommend the school in anyway.

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