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Teaching in Mexico post-PGCE: 2 years experience 'preferred' vs 'required'

Discussion in 'Teaching overseas' started by David Getling, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. David Getling

    David Getling Senior commenter

    I hear this school is good, but what's it like living in Mexico City? Isn't it seriously polluted, with a very high crime rate. I'll be happy to be told I'm wrong. Also, do many people speak English?
  2. Yeah pollution is a serious problem - theres no denying this! Crime rate? For me its the same as any other place in the world...take the normal precautions, stay in the safer areas... Ive never had a problem!
    Depending where you go, English varies. Again, like most non-English speaking countries, you are better off learning the basics of the native language. That said, the people are one of the friendliest I have met, and will try and accommodate you!

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