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Teaching in Malaysia

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by GuyMT, Aug 29, 2018.

  1. GuyMT

    GuyMT New commenter

    Hi all,

    My family and I are looking to make a move to Malaysia to teach primary. If anyone has any experience of teaching primary in Malaysia (particularly Penang), I'd love to pick your brain over PM- I'm especially interested in packages available in international schools, any things/places to avoid, childcare and any experiences people have had fining jobs in situ (ay partner plans to get something when over there and kids settled).

    Thanks all!

  2. rosiecg

    rosiecg Occasional commenter

    Salaries and packages will be lower in Penang than in KL, but the cost of living is correspondingly lower.

    Family life is great here as Malaysians love children, and childcare is cheap snd easy to find, though generally carers will not have any qualifications or first aid training etc.

    Line up jobs before arrival as it can be difficult to get a job whilst here if you want an expat salary and package.

    Happy to pm and answer specific questions - I've been in KL for 2yrs now and am pretty settled.
  3. migratingbird

    migratingbird Occasional commenter

    I worked there about 5 years ago...but happy to PM to chat.

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