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Teaching in Kuwait - UK Visa Process

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by ocsanonymous, Jun 26, 2017.

  1. ocsanonymous

    ocsanonymous New commenter

    Hi Guys,

    can someone give me some clarification on some of the matters below.

    1) I had been offered a Job in Kuwait in May and i accepted.

    2) Since then i had renewed my passport and sent HR a copy, in return they sent me the flight itenary.

    3)Do i produce my DBS after my visa / NOC arrives?

    4) I understand that Kuwait requires a 3 month valid DBS. I am currently signed up to the DBS update service. I have a certificate which was issued in 2015 for Children's Workforce. I have an Adult workforce one issued in March 2017. Both on the update service, will that count or will i have to re-apply?

    5) I have contacted my local notary. What documents do i need to get signed off by the notary. I understand that my drivers license, undergraduate degree (certificate and transcript) has to be signed and then stamped by the foreign and commonwealth office in the UK.

    6) Does the same need to be done for my PGCE Certificate, Transcript and my QTS?

    7) Can the notary do anything in regards to the current DBS certificates i have considering that i have two DBS's both on the update service?

    8) If my DBS is considered not valid then should I apply for a ACRO police check after i receive my visa? and then get it signed by a notary and stamped by FCO.

    I would appreciate it if someone (ideally a teacher from uk) can clarify or provide details of what you had to do?

  2. isotonic

    isotonic Occasional commenter

    Hi this information should be given to you by the school's HR department - I do not know about Kuwait but my employer in Qatar's requirements differed from other employers within Qatar so you should find out exactly what documents are needed to be attested and what needs to be scanned and emailed over such as educational certificates, birth cert, passport, marriage cert and also the medical - what needs to be done before you leave such as x-rays and various other tests.

    This is vital as it could save you time and a lot of money!

    On the topic of money, find out if the school will cover the fees for all of the above - I did everything myself and even then have spent over £600 - thankfully will get it back in my first pay cheque but you do need to find these things out from your new employers ASAP - as it was Eid and most likely holidays you probably wont hear back until next week.
  3. egrainger

    egrainger New commenter

  4. egrainger

    egrainger New commenter


    On the topic of medials in kuwait where do you go to get this done? I'm assuming NHS won't take these costs?
    Thanks in advance for any help with this
  5. yorkie63

    yorkie63 New commenter

    Welcome to kuwait. Im going back in late august. Pm me if you want any advice.
  6. PollyPuddleduck

    PollyPuddleduck New commenter

    I'm in Kuwait. PM if needed.
  7. salsasweetboy

    salsasweetboy New commenter

    I've offered a job in Kuwait can you give me some advice?
  8. binaryhex

    binaryhex Lead commenter

    Learn English grammar? Never put your member in a meat grinder? Don't wear t-shirts with, "I'm gay and proud of it" in public in Kuwait? What kind of advice are you looking for?
  9. peakdj

    peakdj New commenter

    I used Pall Mall Medical in Manchester. They were good - cost about 400 GBP - should be reimbursed by your school.
  10. peakdj

    peakdj New commenter

    In terms of the documents and getting them notarised, apostilled etc, then your passport visa entries, why not use an agent? I have always done so as I'd rather spend my summer doing fun things instead of dashing back and forth getting papers stamped. I can recommend Ross Consular Services. I used them a couple of years ago - send all the docs to them and they do everything.

    Of course, it helps if the school is paying, which in my case they were! In your case, it sounds like the school are leaving you a bit in the dark about the process. Any school that leaves you wondering about the process this late in the day, to the extent that you have to post here to find out about the process, probably isn't worth working for.

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