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Teaching in Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia - Advice re Salary/Schools/Places to live

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by sunflower26, Jul 7, 2010.

  1. I am going to be moving to KL in August this year (my partner's company is based there). I have 5 years teaching experience and have been a HOD for the past two. I'm looking for a job in an international school ideally with a September or January start.
    I have one successful interview but have turned the offer down as the salary appeared exceptionally low 5000RM (this was upped after an initial 3000RM offer). I'm fully prepared tah tthe salary will of course be lower but I was under the impression I could be expecting around the 10000 RM mark (A friend of mine already teaches at a school in KL).
    I'm also looking at the possibility of offering private tuition TEFL teaching. I know these will be lower pay but in honesty I just don't want to get stuck into a two year contract with no flexibility - I'd rather be on lower pay and be able to dictate my own holidays/work load etc...Is this realistic or should I have just taken the 5000RM?!!
    Any other advice on living/working in KL would be massively appreciated! I can't wait to get out there and start the adventure!

    Thanks [​IMG]
  2. I'm so impatient!
    Any insights would be appreciated!
  3. wandabra

    wandabra New commenter

    Sunflower, I suspect that what you have been offered is a local contract - a salary comparative to what locals earn, without the added benefits of housing/flights/schooling/healthcare etc. The only way around this would be to not let prospective employers know you are already going to be resident in Malaysia.

    Tutoring is an option, but without a working visa you would have to be careful that immigration did not find out.

    Why not see if you could register with a few schools for supply teaching? The school we;re at has an expat mother who is a qualified teacher and provides cover.

    Enjoy Malaysia - it is a fantastic country to live and work in.
  4. The Malaysian government has just passed a law that (from what I have been told) the MINIMUM monthly pay for a teaching expatriate is now RM5000. So they only upped because they had to. Any less and they'd be breaking the law.
    My understanding is that the intent of the law is to weed out cheap foreign labour. Will impact international schools who may want to hire a teaching spouse or the like to plug a few holes or teach a specialist subject or language that is not f/t.
    Whatever, the money they are offering you is still very low (if it's an international school).

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