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Teaching in Inner London

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by paulp21, Jul 17, 2011.

  1. Thank you for your reply. Not sure what to do as I think I would really need 5 days work to get by. I always though it would be relatively easy to get work in Inner London - I suppose that's probably a common misconception. Thanks again.
  2. Thank you for replting to my post. That's awful you only got six days work! I'm a Primary Teacher - do you know if the situation is any different in Primary?
  3. vou


    I live on the edge of london and work can be scarce on occasion but I get the impression that if I lived closer to the centre ie, hammersmith/wembley park I would get more work. I just can't get to those on the day bookings in time via pubic transport. Haven't managed to get a long term booking at all this last year! This is for primary school work. Rates of work vary - but I can tell you now - no sick pay and no holiday pay. Regular 5 days a week work is never guaranteed. There are the usual quiet periods at the start and end of term. Also, be aware that although there are adverts on sites like www.e.teach. com offering long term work in september by supply agencies they may already be filled and they are keeping it there to get more staff. Have be caught out that way myself. Don't forget London can be an expensive place to live especially with no income.
    Sorry - can 't be more help. Maybe someone who lives in inner london can be more helpful.
  4. Paul: I am not sure about primary work, but from reading posts on these forums, I would say there is little about. In any phase, a couple of days each week, averaged out is doing extremely well.
  5. you: Thanks very much for taking the time to reply. Feeling quite apprehensive about taking the risk now.
  6. albertdog: Thanks for the further information. The prospect of moving down doesn't seem as exciting anymore! hehe

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