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Teaching in Indonesia - applying - advice

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by mohawkvic, Jan 3, 2016.

  1. mohawkvic

    mohawkvic New commenter

    Afternoon all!

    I've been a member on TES for so long but rarely post - I'm a lurker I guess!

    Anyway.... I am currently employed as a Vice Principal in mainstream secondary. I have been in post since the spring, but was Deputy Head in my previous school also. My background, aside from being a science teacher, is as a SENCo and teacher in Special School (BESD).

    Anyway, I really want to take the opportunity now, while I can, to teach abroad. Ideally Indonesia, as my husband's brother lives in Australia so we could see him a little more! We have a 1 year old baby.

    So... I'm looking at posts, I've realised that with no IB experience applying for an equivalent (VP/DHT) post wouldn't be sensible, but would I be likely to get an interview for a SENCo post? I have a lot of experience and expertise in SEN (I'm on of those SLE's in it too, whatever that counts for).

    The adverts at the moment ask for a CV. Teaching in the UK the last time i wrote a CV was before uni!
    Is there an ideal structure for a CV? Should I be stressing anything in particular?

    I'd really appreciate any help as there is a post at the moment in a school in Jakarta that I am keen to apply for!
    Thanks so much

    Last edited: Jan 3, 2016
  2. mikemcdonald25

    mikemcdonald25 Occasional commenter

    Hi mohawkvic.

    First up I wouldn’t be put off applying for management posts as there is a dearth of good managers out here and lots of new schools so the quality is spread pretty thin. While your lack of international experience may count against you your experience of managing teachers in the UK may be a plus for some schools (imho).

    The Senco avenue is also a possibility as many schools now employ them due to the; ‘getting bums on seats approach of many of the new schools, which can take precedence over the ‘exam success’ approach that used to be more prevalent.

    What science do you teach as Physics and Chem are in short supply out here, as they are in the UK!

    CV should be one side of A4 (more or less) I tend to go with first job through to now, others advise going the other way. Stress your successes, experiences and the extracurricular activities you can offer. Most importantly stress your adaptability and flexibility, that you are looking for new challenges anything that shows you are a serious candidate and that you are not a ‘fly by night’ or a ‘permanent tourist’.

    Hope all this helps, you will probably be inundated with advice from the usual suspects on here, of which I am obviously one! Take it or leave it! Good Luck.

    PS: do a search for Jakarta on here as it has had its problems recently, and then there’s the traffic and the haze!!

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