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Teaching in India, NZ, Oz, Carribean

Discussion in 'Teaching overseas' started by littlemissraw, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    What are your qualifications? In Aus (or at least NSW) you have to have a four year Uni record to teach (so degree + PGCE or 4 year BEd, they don't recognise GTP).
    What kind of visa would you hope to come on? State sponsorship could take around a year to go through (if available) and WHV limits you to 6 months for each employer (which includes the state as a whole for teaching)
    There are jobs around but personally I wouldn't leave a secure job in the UK to move (we moved because there were no jobs in the UK and I'm currently working in a shop (as I'm finding it difficult to secure 'real' work on the WHV until our business visa clears)
    Its fine to chase the dream but just weigh up your options if you do (can I have your D&T job if you do come? [​IMG])
    Best of luck x
  2. NZ is getting trickier. Auckland, usually known as the jobs mecca, is pretty tight at the moment. I was talking to the main supply/relief teaching agency yesterday and they informed me that they had unusually high numbers of teachers looking for work and lower numbers of schools offering it.
    Christchurch is the same.
    There are far fewer long-term jobs available in these places this year, as well. The global situation has finally trickled down, it seems.
    The situation may be different in other places (small rural schools, for example) but for the two biggest cities, this is how it stands.
  3. Hi Rob - Wondered if I could help? Moved over to WA 3 months ago on a sponsored visa with hubby and 2 kids. We are both primary teachers and work in a private school. To be honest it's really difficult getting a job as a teacher over here at the moment. Schools always need supply teachers but you'd need to be flexible with what you'd be willing to cover. Teaching over here is fantastic as the work/home life balance is better than the UK and the salary is $57K for an NQT through to about $90K for top scale teacher. Having said that living expenses are a bit more than UK and you'd need to take that into consideration. In order to teach in WA you would need to have a skilled worker visa, either sponsored or individual. It takes about 7 months to gain a sponsored visa and over a year to gain skilled independent. You could obtain a temporary 475 visa but you would still need your skills assessed/medicals done and need to register with WACOT (Western Australian College Of Teaching). If you are only planning on spending a couple of years in WA you'd probably be best looking into registering with supply recruitment agencies rather than sponsored jobs as employers have to spend time and money in getting you over here only to find you've gone again very quickly. If you are under 30 you could come out on a 1 year visa and make contacts whilst you are over here - almost impossible to get sponsored unless you know your employer or you are willing to work in the outback somewhere! In my opinion it's the best thing we've ever done in terms of lifestyle, finance and career opportunities. Hope this helps?
  4. mrswallow

    mrswallow New commenter

    There a lot of hoops to jump through before you can get a teaching job in NZ, and an awful lot of paperwor. If you are prepared for that then go for it. However, as Sidnz has mentioned there don't seem to be many jobs here at the moment.
    It is worth it if you can find a job.

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