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Teaching in Hong Kong

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by jw0341, Jan 4, 2019.

  1. jw0341

    jw0341 New commenter

    Hi all,

    Looking for some advice please! I’m currently teaching at a great school in Kuala Lumpur and whilst I really enjoy the job, the city is a quite place for a single female expat and I am thinking of making the move to Hong Kong where there is more happening. The thing that is holding me back at the moment is the rental prices. The schools I have looked at offer 8000HK dollars a month to help towards rent however this doesn’t look like it will go a long way! Just wondering if anybody has experience working in Hong Kong and can give advice as to whether it is possible to rent and still manage to save money too on an expat teacher salary.

  2. MyOrchid

    MyOrchid Established commenter


    There are many threads on HK, several recent, so I suggest you search the forum.

    8K a month probably won't get you anywhere you would want to be! A decent 1 bed place (small) will go for 12-14k a month. The New Territories region is cheaper than Kowloon or HK Island, but it sounds like you want to be in the more lively areas.Some single teachers share.

    www.squarefoot.co.hk will give you an idea of different prices in different locations.

    Best wishes,
  3. Satria143

    Satria143 New commenter

    I would look at the 8k as a contribution towards rent as opposed to an allowance for rent like you might have been given in KL. I always look at rent as a % of total monthly income. Whilst HK is expensive your salary will more than compensate for this! I would say as a single person you’d be looking to live on HK island and rental wise you should be ok paying around 18-22k (HKD) per month for a decent studio or small one bed in a central location. In terms of saving- very doable but depends on any other financial commitments in the U.K./elsewhere you might have.

    Try an app called spacious and see what comes up. Hope this helps!

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