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Teaching in Germany Patron st of england

Discussion in 'Teaching overseas' started by Thomasducel, Mar 18, 2011.

  1. Hi all.
    I wonder if anyone has any information about a certain school in Germany? I know there are rules about mentioning names, but hopefully the people who know this school will know where im talking about.

    Anyway, what is the school like? WHat is the pay and conditions like? I have an interview there next week, but am having second thoughts reading some of the posts on here. However they were all from around 2007, so i wonder how things have changed.

    Please help me if you can

    Many thanks

  2. tjrr

    tjrr New commenter

    HI Thomas,

    How's your experience been so far? I'm thinking of applying myself and am really hesitant.

    I'd really appreciate your views!

    Thank you in advance
  3. invincible

    invincible New commenter

    Oh dear.
  4. Point 1 - Probably had to leave the country after two years because of the tax con tracts.
    Point 2 - A hundred Euros more in the pocket per month but no health insurance, pension etc etc.
    Point 3 - Minimum paperwork in a so-called NC and IB 'school'. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHA. Just like watching FC Koeln trying to maintain a place in Bundesliga 1.
    Point 4 - Left to do your job sounds great PD and appraisal.
    JOKE, except for the business expansion model.
  5. tjrr

    tjrr New commenter

    Ok, I think I'm getting the picture! I knew there was an intuitive reason why I have been so hesitant...
  6. I, and many others I am sure, am pleased for you. Good luck finding a job in a reputable and accredited International School.

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