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Teaching in Europe without QTS

Discussion in 'Career clinic' started by IanCollinsNC, Mar 24, 2019.

  1. IanCollinsNC

    IanCollinsNC New commenter

    Hi. I am currently teaching in maths in FE but my family wants to move to Italy. I do not have QTS or QTLS. Is this a barrier to teaching in international schools. Any advice please on how to get that dream job?
  2. BYusuf

    BYusuf Occasional commenter TES Careers peer advisor

    Hi IanCollinsNC,

    Some international schools will take on teachers who have at least two years experience and no QTS / QTLS. Others will not. So you will have to do some extensive research about the requirements for teaching in any particular schools you have in mind.

    The guidelines below should help:

    As for landing that dream job? Again, I suggest really doing your research in that regard and asking questions within the 'Teaching Overseas' forum.

    All the best,

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