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Teaching in Dubai

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by lil miss d, Mar 15, 2018.

  1. lil miss d

    lil miss d New commenter

    Hi all,

    I am seriously considering moving to Dubai to teach this year. I have read so many conflicting accounts online about good and bad schools to work at. There are a few jobs advertised on TES at the moment that I am considering applying for and would really like to ask someone that is already teaching in Dubai to give me a bit more information on what to look for and how to decipher between what is good and bad so I know what to watch out for.

    I have 11 years teaching experience and would be going alone, some schools prefer NQTs or those with 1-2 years teaching experience, I'm assuming to save money. What would pay be for someone like me roughly? When do you ask about pay and accommodation during the interviewing process?

    I would really appreciate any advice. Thank you! :)
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  2. markedout

    markedout Occasional commenter

    I suggest you join the Dubai Teachers Network Facebook group.
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  3. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    You could also join the ***, if you have a strong digestion, but do not read that old article in The Independent, "The Dark Side of Dubai".
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  4. Mr_Frosty

    Mr_Frosty Established commenter

    There is a huge variation in salary/package in Dubai from my limited experience (I'm in a different Emirate but have a few friends who've moved to Dubai.)

    It depends on whether you'd get a housing allowance, or housing provided. I'd say you should be looking for at least 25,000 AED a month total with your experience - which is around £4,800.

    Most people I know in Dubai get around 7500 a month in housing benefit, either as a provided apartment or as a cash allowance which means you should be looking at 17,500 AED a month as a salary. It's probably not easy to get - many places will lowball you as plenty of people want to move to Dubai for the lifestyle and tax free salary etc.

    Obviously you could take less and still live very well and save a lot depending on how much you want to socialise.
  5. AderynMelyn37

    AderynMelyn37 New commenter

    @the hippo - that article is tragic and very scary!
  6. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    Yes, KarenEvs, but young teachers (and maybe some who are not so young) who are heading out to Dubai will not find it a pleasant and light-hearted read. Alas, I doubt whether things have changed that much.

    I do not know Dubai very well. Mrs Hippo and I were in Doha, just round the corner, for five years.

    When I was in Qatar, I got to know a young African chap who was training to be a pilot. He got into an argument with a Qatari over a parking space. The last thing I heard, he was still in jail in Doha.

    Just after I left Qatar, one of my former colleagues was murdered. She was raped and the charred remains of her body were found half-buried in the desert. At the trial, her character was dragged into the mud. The lawyer defending her killers made all kinds of horrible remarks about her. Lauren's parents were already grieving for the murder of their daughter. To hear that filth at the trial was more than wrong - it was evil.

    I still remember seeing the smoke coming from the Villaggio shopping mall one break-time. It was only later that we all heard about the children who died of smoke inhalation. There was no proper fire escape for the kindergarden, even though the fire department had warned and fined the Qatari owners of the mall.

    In many ways, I don't blame young teachers for wanting to go somewhere different, somewhere more exciting than the cold, grey and boring UK. But it can all go wrong and, when it does, it goes horribly wrong.
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  7. Penny10p

    Penny10p Occasional commenter

    Yes, these things are terrible and tragic and it's easy to wonder why anyone would want to live in the ME. From my point of view (I lived in the UAE for many years), tragic things happen in many countries. In London there was the Grenfell tower disaster, for example, and unfortunately people do get raped and murdered in London. In the USA school children get murdered. Maybe I could be accused of burying my head in the sand but I felt very safe in the UAE and enjoyed a much better quality of life there than I had in the UK. It's not for everybody but many teachers love it.
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  8. Michie1

    Michie1 New commenter

    The situation in Dubai is precarious, there are a plethora of new international schools opening this year forby the multitude which opened last year, all vying for the same pupils. The general economy has slowed and many families are leaving , all of which affects pupil numbers. As a result many schools have been reducing budgets , staff, cutting costs, cutting salaries, housing allowances etc. I have not heard of many international schools where you would be earning anywhere near 25,000 unless local or ministry school, and then that wouldn't be enough to put up with behaviour in my opinion. With nearly 20 yrs experience many schools pay around 18,000, some pay a lot less. Schools are as demanding as uk, KHDA inspection every year, Long days with high expectations of commitment to ECAs and other activities . It's not the 'holiday' that some think it iis , especially if you are in a top tier/ outstanding school. Parents can also be extremely demanding. That said, you may be lucky and find a school where you can have an easy time of it. You may be housed way out towards the desert along the 311 , which is fine if you have a car but can be a pain for taxis or depending on others to get to work. I have heard of some schools which are now offering studios or shared accommodation- not ideal if you are over 25. However, very young teachers might love it. Yes, there can be a party lifestyle with brunches etc, but everything is becoming more expensive ,you can easily lead the same life as UK but always be wary and yes do heed the horror stories as I'm sure everyone knows someone who was unlucky. On the plus side, the weather is lovely, most kids are well behaved in international schools and you can travel easily. Just do your homework on the school. Check the international schools review, read the KHDA inspection report and parent reviews. There are also probably nicer , less restrictive countries in the world to work.
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  9. ekatwalnut

    ekatwalnut New commenter

    It may help you moveincat.com
  10. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    No, the weather is not so nice in June-August, if you do not like temperatures over 40 C.
  11. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    Yes, sccashmore, you have indeed written about these things. Perhaps you want to get fired before you have even started your new job in Dubai? Lots of schools have "confidentiality clauses" in their contracts. What you consider to to be confidential information and what the school's Emirati owner thinks might be "sensitive and confidential" are probably not one and the same thing. The *** has made some schools in the ME more than a little bit touchy.

    But maybe your school is not owned by an Emirati and so you can write whatever you like.
  12. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    It looks as though sscashmore's post has disappeared. Well, that was probably a very wise move. More and more school principals (and school owners) seem to be getting a bit touchy about what teachers write online.
  13. SPC2

    SPC2 Occasional commenter

    Yes, never a good idea to advertise your blog, eh ;)?
  14. markedout

    markedout Occasional commenter

    I reported all three posts yesterday as it was on three different Dubai threads.
  15. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    On the contrary, my dear SPC2, I think that it is an excellent idea to advertise the blog you have just mentioned, namely www.bulgariawithnoodles.blogspot.com

    For some strange reason, the TES Moderators are not always happy when people like you mention my blog, but in fact lots of posters have told me how much they have enjoyed reading it. Oh well, you cannot please everyone, I suppose.

    My situation is a little bit different to our friend sscashmore's situation because he is just about to start a new job in Doobuy, whereas this smelly old hippo is about to retire to a certain country in SE Europe.
  16. SPC2

    SPC2 Occasional commenter

  17. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    Dear SPC2,

    Please stop mentioning my blog! For some strange reason, the TES Moderators get unhappy when people do this.
  18. swsimp160

    swsimp160 Occasional commenter

    I started looking at the international market in January. Initially, I only thought about ME but the more I researched it, and had dealings with schools, the less I wanted to go there. I turned down a certain bigoted Ozzie heads offer at an Australian school in Sharjah, that was accommodation near the school and 16000/month. I start in Nigeria in September. Head at my new school was brilliant online and they have treated me really well so far with a great package. Not for everyone I know but I decided I would not touch the ME with a long pole after two months looking.
  19. JG1978

    JG1978 New commenter


    I'd be interested in chatting to you to find out what progress you have made re: Dubai?


  20. swsimp160

    swsimp160 Occasional commenter

    Very little progress with Dubai. I found there were much better jobs with better packages elsewhere, particularly if you are prepared to go to Africa. Dubai was lower wage and much more competitive.

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