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Teaching in Dubai

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by michellewarren, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. which school? abu dhabi or dubai, secondary or primary,
  2. rorirving, 10,200Dhs a month is way too low for someone with 5 years teaching experience! It's a actually a complete joke and I am offended for you! Definitely negotiate this one. That's a salary given to a teacher fresh out of their NQT year.
  3. EC, Dubai and primary.

    Seriously, that bad? Well 10,200 is point 3 on the school scale, 11,000 is point 5. Obviously I haven't been offered the job, they are interviewing until Tuesday. It's good to have an experienced opinion in the offer. Is a salary offer negotiable in Dubai once an offer for employment is made?

    Thanks for info?
  4. Yes, it is. I know of a teacher who negotiated in that same school. However, they were desperate at the time so that obviously had something to do with it.

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