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Teaching in Dubai

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by rachelfahy87, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. Hey,
    I recently applied for a job with a well known recruitment company in Dubai. Just wondering what its like to live there? is there nightclubs etc and how liberal is it?
  2. Hi,
    I have applied to a few D&T jobs recently. I haven't heard a word from them. My Headteacher reckons its probably because I have 2 kids and my wife does not work so it makes me an expensive option. Do you think that he is right?
    Are you allowed to share the name of the agency you applied with?
  3. PuRe

    PuRe Occasional commenter

    That's not always the reason why - it could be due to your teaching experience; whether there are other jobs going at the school and if so if couples applied.

  4. Nightlife here is insane and if you think you'll be drinking less cause it's a muslim country you've got another thing coming. It's very liberal, the locals don't integrate much with the expats and as long as one respects the laws of the country then you can enjoy a very easy, relaxing lifestyle in a place where not a day goes by without sunshine.
    It's what you make of it anyway, like any place I suppose. Dubai's not for everyone, depends how demanding you are. I find people here get too spoiled and complain about things they wouldn't even dream of having back in the UK, like their pool's too warm or their gym only has 2 treadmills as opposed to the neighbours' which has 6. Hey ho...

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