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Teaching in Dubai or Abu Dhabi

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by Mroneill13, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. Mroneill13

    Mroneill13 New commenter


    I am a secondary school teacher working in NW England. I am in my 20s with no commitments and I am currently looking at joba in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. I have a general idea of both places, or as much as the www can provide you with. Can anyone share with me what it is like from experience? What is worrying me is the restricted lifestyle of living in a Muslim country being very British. If anyone has any advice / tips / do's or don'ts, it would be greatly appreciated. Mant thanks.
  2. madcat

    madcat Occasional commenter

    Don't tell the Flintstones joke at your interview
  3. Penny10p

    Penny10p Occasional commenter

    Post on the teaching overseas forum. There are already lots of threads about teaching in the UAE. Don't worry about it being a Muslim country.
  4. Hi Don't worry at all- it is a great place to visit- I was there for three years and loved it! You can do pretty much everything you normally do just have to be a bit more conscious in public of how you act..... check out http://www.abu-dhabi-expert.com there is lots of info on there about the lifestyle!
  5. I guess it depends how you feel about living in and giving tacit support to regimes practising routine suppression and torture of legitimate opposition, where executions are humdrum, women are a subhuman species and religious extremism is everywhere.

    Shouldn't necessarily be a problem.
  6. NotJohn / my mouse / djphillips is talking out of his **** again in between reading the Daily Mail. I worked in both places 10 years ago; they were perfectly normal.
  7. That would be perfectly normal like you then......

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