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Teaching in Dubai 2018

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by Lily217, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. Lily217

    Lily217 New commenter

    Hi all,
    I know I am probably the millionth teacher on here to enquire about teaching in Dubai but can't seem to find what I am looking for.
    I am UK trained primary teacher currently in my 5th year of teaching. I applied to teach in Dubai back in 2015 and got offered several positions but due to unforeseen circumstances I had to decline them. I'm still very keen to teach in Dubai but am a little apprehensive as it is a big decision. Just a post really to ask those that have taught out there/ are there at the moment was it a good decision for you? What do you enjoy about teaching there more so than teaching in the UK?

    Thank you!
  2. dumbbells66

    dumbbells66 Lead commenter

    Cant comment about Dubai specifically. God knows i never want to work there. I can barely stomach transititing through the airport.... but what do i enjoy about teaching internationally more than teaching in the UK...... EVERYTHING....seriously..... ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING :)
  3. rednelly84

    rednelly84 Occasional commenter

    Do your homework carefully. There are a lot of good schools and there are an equal amount of terrible schools. I've been in Abu Dhabi for a number of years now but have a few friends in Dubai. I feel my development as a teacher has been good and I am a better teacher for having worked out here, having gained some leadership opportunities that I may not have had in the homeland. BUT that's only because I looked for the schools which would allow me to do this. I'd recommend joining the International Schools Review for an insight. Some of the schools currently advertising haven't got great reviews and I tend to agree with what's been written. There are an increasing number of rules imposed on private schools by ADEK and KHDA which is taking the joy out of teaching here, for me anyway.

    My weekends are work free the majority of the time, choosing to work smarter in the week. I've travelled extensively, going away in most holidays somewhere which is something I thought I'd never want to do or enjoy. Some of the people I have met are friends for life and I've learnt a great deal about another culture. It's a great place for a few years. However, the cost of living continues to rise, whilst expats are now being taxed for certain things, like housing. A 5% VAT is coming in January 1st. So my final piece of advice would be to check packages carefully as there has been a lot of change since 2015 with salaries and benefits.
  4. Lily217

    Lily217 New commenter

    Thank you both! Aside from TES and teachabroad, are there any websites that you would recommend to find teaching posts? A friend mentioned to me about khda and I have researched a few schools based on their reports and reviews online. I’ve been told after Christmas will be the best time to look for jobs? Thanks :)
  5. drvs

    drvs Star commenter

    Lots of jobs already on TES and expiring at end of December. TES did the trick for me but I was also recommended Search Associates, TIC and CIS.

    In my couple of years teaching there I noted that 20 somethings were really enjoying it both for the lifestyle and subsequently the stepping stone it offered to their next international post.
  6. rednelly84

    rednelly84 Occasional commenter

    I'd be looking at some schools already - the regal brand in Dubai is one of the top groups offering one of the best packages. PM for further info on where to apply.
  7. drvs

    drvs Star commenter

    Are you referring to the regal group whose name identifies ownership by the male monarch?
  8. rednelly84

    rednelly84 Occasional commenter

    The very same. There are 3 in total. The Principal from the school nearest the Downtown area is leaving though so I'm not sure what it'll be like next year as he is pretty good, not perfect, but good. The original school, nearest the Burj Al Arab, is arguably the best. It's a bells and whistles brand but I've heard staff are generally happy.
  9. rednelly84

    rednelly84 Occasional commenter

    It's getting more like this in Abu Dhabi with lots of early 20 something teachers now working in my school as more families have moved on for various reasons. I suddenly feel old especially when they talk about their ladies' nights!
  10. drvs

    drvs Star commenter

    I certainly wasn't but I could see how young career starters would enjoy it.
  11. staceydonohoe1

    staceydonohoe1 New commenter

    I am interested in moving to Dubai also but finding it slightly daunting as probably everyone does. How well do salaries compare with the cost of living? And do salaries increase yearly as with UK teaching posts?
    sarahlouise95 likes this.
  12. chimichanga

    chimichanga New commenter

    Anybody know anything about the International agency International Teacher Solutions? They are associated with ads in the Guardian I cant find any reviews online?
  13. mskatehamilton

    mskatehamilton New commenter

  14. ChaiLattePlease

    ChaiLattePlease New commenter

    'Somewhat flaky' based on my sole experience. I sent my CV in after seeing a job in the Guardian. Got an email saying they wanted to chat with me Friday to set up an interview for this coming week. I replied asking for the name of the school and with times I was available for them to phone, then heard nothing. So I'm now somewhat suspicious and would advise others to be so too.
  15. Lily217

    Lily217 New commenter

    I had an email from this agency asking to speak to me about my application, as they said they had a client flying in to London to conduct interviews. When I asked for more information on the school in question they said they would need to speak to me to get my details registered first. This was yesterday but haven't emailed back yet.
  16. pr1y4uk

    pr1y4uk New commenter

    Does anyone have any advice on how and where to apply to schools in dubai to work as a teacher? what is the best website? thank you

    sarahlouise95 likes this.
  17. ChaiLattePlease

    ChaiLattePlease New commenter

    They gave me the exact same patter, then vanished...
  18. Conorevans

    Conorevans New commenter

    I too am in the process of applying, i am relatively new to teaching,, around 2 n half years. (By me spelling you could tell i'm Maths & Science teacher). I was wondering if i could get in contact with someone who is out there at this moment in time so I could have all my questions answered :)
    KarenEvs likes this.
  19. pink_reindeer

    pink_reindeer Occasional commenter

    I'm in Abu Dhabi if that's of any use?
    tmarie5 and Mr_Frosty like this.
  20. billinziemalcolm

    billinziemalcolm New commenter

    I need some advice, im seeking to come to dxb with my son. Ive got family there,however it will just my son and i. Additionally, im an nqt,so do you think its viable?

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