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Teaching in Doha, Qatar - A positive account

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by QatarHero, May 3, 2010.

  1. Hello all! [​IMG]
    Thought id write this first post on here after reading wave after wave of negative comments!
    My wife and I moved to Doha in september accepting teaching jobs at a "International school in Qatar " which is not owned by an an embassy or british foundation, but owned locally, ( like the ones everyone on here tells you to avoid). Leaving England and moving out here is the best decision i have ever made, the school i work at here is Fantastic, as are many of the other schools i have visited on sports events and curricular activities. The pupils are extremely hard working and most importantly Very Very respectfull, to the point where they even thank you for giving them a detention (for talking i might add, not fighting swearing or anything like you might be used to in england). The kids here love school, and cherish the time that they get to spend here in school, so much so that we have to kick them out of the gates at 3 o'clock, and make them go home! (the school day finishes at 12:45 I might add).
    Doha itself has everything you could possibly want from a City, providing you are prepared to put the effort in. Doha is deffinately not the place for you if all you want to do after work is go out drinking all night, it is possible, but there are not masses of variety. Dont come out here thinking that its a completely dry country, I can vouch for many a hangover on a friday morning after a fun filled Thursday night out. I would also say that Doha is not the best place for single men to come and expect to find a relationship easily, the male-to-female ratio is stacked heavily against the guys! , obviously not a problem for married people :)
    I think, like most places in the world there are varying qualities of school, although i read horror stories on this website about my school after accepting the job and worrying if i had made the right choice, and can honestly say that as far as i am concerned (and 14 out of the other 15 new starters from last year) the school is brilliant, and such a positive difference from teaching in the UK! With regards to bringing up children here, I would have no reservations starting, and bringing up a family in this country, something i cant honestly say about the Uk at the minute.
    The worst things about living in Qatar are the crazy drivers on the road (deffinately reccomend buying a 4x4 just for safety reasons, check out youtube videos for proof), the traffic violation policy, and NO BACON!
    Personally the positives for me MASSIVELY outweigh the negatives in so much as i dont want to write too many on here, as people (Hippo) will say i work for the tourist board or something!but if you want any further info, advice or help just PM me and ill be happy to help out!
    Happy Job Hunting, and dont let all the negatives put you off Qatar! It can be a very fulfilling opportunity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  2. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    QatarHero, if things are really working out well for you in Doha, then all I can say is "Hippo hippo hooray!" Yes, there are some good things, such as the newish Islamic Museum, the Corniche, the zoo (great for picnics) and of course Souq Waqif. Working for a good school makes a humungus difference.
  3. Are there any vacancies at your school for next year? :)
  4. There were a number of vacancies at our school this year, which was unusaual becasue we dont have a very high staff turnover (in comparison), although we do have a lot of young single staff leaving who only came here to do their two year contracts and move on.
    I do know that the school will always look to appoint good staff even if they dont need them, to lower classroom sizes (capped at 20 max at the minute)
    Hippo did you leave here before the pearl was opened?
  5. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    Yes. I suppose that the traffic congestion is now even worse!
  6. Not up there really!
    The Gordon Ramsey restraunt has just opened, and im pretty sure we'll be getting our own branch of Harrods now after they bought it yesterday!!!
  7. tyler durden

    tyler durden New commenter

    People go on about the congestion but I really don't think it's that bad. I find the UK much worse for traffic.

    I can only Echo what QatarHero has said. Doha isn't for everyone but all of my friends love it and I'm not even that excited to be going home this summer.

    After working here I doubt I can ever go back and teach in Britain.

    Just make sure you get a good school!!!!
  8. Traffic in Qatar is crazy, but then I have my hands over my eyes when being driven on UK motorways (I won't drive!).
    Had 4 great years in Qatar, spent 3 years trying to enjoy living and teaching in UK and not really succeeding. Am now looking forward to heading back and seeing all the changes for myself.
  9. DohaDave

    DohaDave New commenter

    Great to hear that other people agree that there are other schools in Qatar apart from the college that are good places to work!
    And watching the pound sink because of the hung parliment makes the job even better!
  10. I was think that too DohaDave. I'm also going to try and use my Qatar ID to get discount next time I go to Harrods!
  11. Please give us a clue. Which school?

  12. gulfgolf

    gulfgolf Established commenter

    Wouldn't really recommend it based on knowledge from a couple years ago. I haven't heard anything lately, and anyplace can change. Anyone have any new info?
  13. Hi mate,
    Have you been offered a job at this school for 2011 - 2012?

    I have just been offered a job, but alot of mixed comments on the web about it.

    You heard anything more.?

  14. gulfgolf

    gulfgolf Established commenter

    These racist comments about Qataris and other Arabs are making me sick to my stomach. Shame on you.
    There are good and bad people everywhere; no such thing as a good or bad race or nationality.

    Perhaps it's time for some posters to head home.
    Home, where everyone is polite at all times, all drivers wait patiently for everyone else and no one ever pips their horn, where immigrants and expats are welcomed with open arms and treated as treasured guests.
  15. I agree it is racist if you generalise and claim that all Qataris must be the same.
    However it is not racist if you are merely realting your own personal experiences without claiming such a thing. If you are unlucky enough not to have any positive experiences with regards to Qataris, it doesn't mean you are being racist.
    Racism makes me sick to the stomach too - I went for blood tests in Doha with a group of other white teachers. Along with our group was a Nepalese man, he was made by the security to wait for hours after we had left whilst we were ushered (no choice) to the front of the queue.
    Accusing us of being racist for pointing these things out is wrong.
  16. gulfgolf

    gulfgolf Established commenter

    I agree with you. Generalizing is racist and bad.
  17. gulfgolf

    gulfgolf Established commenter

    There are enough problems in this world without us tarring and feathering entire nationalities.
    Are we working to make the world a better place, by doing what we can where we can, one little thing at a time?
    Or are we just pointing fingers, ignoring the good stuff, and pretending to be more self-righteous than we have any actual claim on?
    I have had so many good experiences in Qatar and the Gulf, met so many wonderful people, and seen so many lovely 'happenings' that fly in the face of what people are trying to claim here. Qatar isn't perfect, far from it, and there are certainly some pretty nasty pieces of work in this country (some from the UK, some from the US, some from closer by, some from all over) doing some pretty nasty things that I cannot possibly approve of. But to describe these things here as if they are typical, to go further and claim right out that this is considered acceptable behavior, that's not on.
    Take the chip off your shoulder and start looking for the good with the bad. Then you might have a more balanced view. And yes, I say my view is balanced. Today I am coming to the defense of people who are not on this forum to defend themselves, and that might make me seem touchy-feely innocent about the real world. But yes, I have a good understanding of the reality of life here. I work to change certain things. But I cannot stomach racism.
  18. Well, you better get used to it because it's rife in the places where you have had so many edifying experiences.
    Whether I have chips, prejudices or whatever, the above is just my observations. My dislikes are for the way people behave, behave towards others and behave towards their environment.

  19. gulfgolf

    gulfgolf Established commenter

    Well, there we can agree.
  20. ...sorry, 'are'...

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