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Teaching in Devon

Discussion in 'Primary' started by anon3106, Feb 19, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm from the North West of England where I've lived all my life. I did my degree, PGCE and I'm currently doing my NQT year in the North West too.

    I've recently been told about a teaching opportunity in Devon, which would obviously involve me and my family moving there this August if I am successful. I've heard a lot about how nice Devon is, mostly because the people I've spoke to have only ever been there on holiday, but I'm yet to hear from anybody what it is actually like to live and work there.

    Does anybody know if there is much difference between Devon and the North West when it comes to living and working as a teacher?
  2. clear_air

    clear_air New commenter

    I grew up in Devon (family still there, so regular-ish visitor) - and it's lovely. Rural living can be a pain (reason I'm not there any more), and Exeter seems to be vvvvv expensive to buy property these days. As CarrieCat says, landscape and coastline lovely - what's not to like? Expecially if you are into the outdoors.
    Why don't I live there any more? Not much work about for hubby and me combined. You never know, I might make it back one day.
  3. Thanks for the replies everybody. I've been looking at house prices (Tiverton, Cullompton areas - not sure whether these are nice areas or not!) and they do seem a bit more expensive but not as much as I was expecting. Definitely like the sound of nearby coastal areas and national parks. My girlfriend is a nurse, which is adding to the decision, as she would need to look for a job in a hospital nearby too. Not asking for any advice on that one though!

    I appreciate the advice guys.
  4. I was born and raised in Exeter and would love to move back there sometime. I live in the Midlands and though house prices can be high there are still some affordable properties - we could match where we currently live fairly easily. Jobs are really hard to secure though and competition is intense so good luck to you if you make the move. The quality of life down there is unbeatable I would say and if we could both secure jobs, we would move there in a heartbeat. PS DH is from the Midlands originally and feels the same.

    Good luck

  5. lardylegs

    lardylegs Occasional commenter

    There are VERY few teaching vacancies in Devon at the moment, and the ones which do exist are very quickly stitched up by insiders. Don't get too excited.
  6. That's right "insiders", not the very best candidates but relatives (distant or otherwise) of some very mediocre, existing staff! Hence nepotism, xenophobia and boxed in mindsets!
    Beautiful Devon? No way! Shall we all stare at the scenery whilst being unemployed!
  7. lardylegs

    lardylegs Occasional commenter

    what happened to all the previous posts on this thread?
  8. gergil4

    gergil4 New commenter

    I lived in Devon for a while. Yes, it's beautiful and we had a very good and busy life there. However, the one thing which bugged me was the tourists in summer!!!!!!! I couldn't visit my grandma every week in the tourist season without sitting in a long queue of traffic. I wanted to get out of the car and shout "Move out of the way, I live here!!"
    And before anyone shouts, I know tourists bring in a lot of money.
  9. clear_air

    clear_air New commenter

    Tourists? Tourists? Grockles, please!
  10. gergil4

    gergil4 New commenter

    I know, but I didn't think everyone else would have got it! Grocks to be quite accurate as we used to say, and Wally's Trolleys were even worse!!
  11. Good old grocks :) Hate how some towns are basically full of grock shops though.
  12. clear_air

    clear_air New commenter

    I had a lovely day out in Salcombe with my mum and my kids last summer - we had tea at the very trendy beach side cafe/bar (which used to be a tea shop, I'm sure!!) - my mum asked our waitress (while we were talking about how many people actually came from the town) whether she was a 'local girl'. The reply wasn't a surprise to me, 'oh, no, we have a second home here, I'm just here for the summer'... Go figure.

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