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Teaching in Christchurch NZ Advice

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by lubat, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. I am very keen to hear from anyone from the UK who has had experience of looking for jobs or teaching in Christchurch. I am a primary school teacher who has taught part time for the last 7 years. I have always taught in a smaller 150 pupil village school and am a M6 at present with sports/ICT co-ordinator role.My husband is from Christchurch and decided to go home at the beginning of Dec (homesick after 10 years). He has since got a job starting in a couple of weeks. I have a house to rent/sell and 2 children 9 and 5. I emigrated to Sydney in my 20s on my own and lived there for 8 years gaining australian citizenship. I have dual nationality and my children have british/NZ passports. I have been to Christchurch quite a few times and Auckland so I do know what its like! I have also emigrated and know the procedures etc and settling in period. Where ever you go in the world no matter how exciting and brilliant you always have to sacrifice something. I know I will have to get qualifications authorized and give up my job here which I love and a school I love ( an outstanding one!). I am quite happy here but I guess if I could get a job or could get some positive feedback on job hunting it may help me to feel better. My husband is over there now and not coming back so I am having to decide what to do. Can anyone give me any info or knows of someone who has tried? Thanks
  2. Thanks for the replies so far. I guess I am nervous and lots of people use the supply route as a way in here too. I was lucky enough to get taken on part time as a student so have only ever taught at my current school. I have taught nearly all year groups but I guess I am looking for a job to keep me active as my kids have now started school and do not want to be in Christchurch doing nothing! I am a governor of another primary school here and am quite involved in my kids schools aswell. I also take sports clubs in both schools. I have visited a good primary school in Christchurch (and you can send CVS for future jobs according to website) observing so I may contact them. My school here would be willing to keep my job open for me. It is quite hard as I am happy here and although I like Christchurch for holidays - the place I live in the south of England is nice too.My mum is around the corner and family close. However my husband does not want to come back to the Uk and without the security of a job and money I am worried I will end up not able to get home! I am a positive person and will make the best of it. Even if I looked here now I would not be able to get the school and hours I have so I guess the situation is similar everywhere! It is good to hear from others though whatever the feedback is ..so a big thanks. Any other comments would also be appreciated as I will keep checking.

  3. mrjack

    mrjack Occasional commenter

    I was working in Christchurch in 2005.
    It took a long time for qualifications to get assessed and recognized by the NZQA ( I think that's them)
    But I had loads of supply. I worked every day, though I did visit nearly every school in the city with my C.V. and spoke to the head / deputy etc.
    Loads of supply work there unless there has been a big change. 90% of the kids and schools were much nicer that UK ones too though I did come across a couple of challenging places.
    Good luck

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