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Teaching in Canada

Discussion in 'Teaching overseas' started by holmes5668, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. "What's the story with teaching in Canada?"
    Nigh on impossible in most of Canada, especially BC.
    Is it difficult to get a job?
    Yes, About 90% of last year's graduates didn't get hired in Vancouver. My wife was the only one to get hired out of her cohort of 18. You might be able to get a job up north, but I wouldn't want to teach up there. Forget any romantic vision of working with the natives.
    "Is there a demand for Maths teachers?"
    Probably not. Most provinces require five years of university (four year degree plus one year B.Ed.). It's math in Canada, not Maths (strange, but true).
    "What bureaucracy is involved? What type of visa do you need?"
    I doubt if you would qualify for a work permit as a teacher, as there is already a massive over supply. You could try finding a job first and then have them sponsor you, but with a massive over supply of teacher, what school district would bother?
    "Is it as complex as as trying to get certified in America?"
    Probably the same, but I think your chances of getting work are probably better in the US.
    Do a search on this forum for Canada. There are many posts.
    My wife and I are off to teach in Egypt in August, because the prospects here are so poor.
  2. Brilliant reply. Thanks Sherlock. Looks like Canada has just dropped off my radar.
  3. Wow.. that's an eye opener.

    Does anyone know if you need to do your NQT year first before applying to teach in Canada?


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