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Teaching in British Forces Schools

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by longstockings, Feb 26, 2005.

  1. You should make a telephone call to HQSCE and ask them. They really do not mind you calling them to ask. I am sure you will have all the numbers so just call.

    I suggest if you are in the UK you call about 7:30am beofre you set off to school and then you can have a chat to them about things.
  2. Thanks Blackstuff thats definitly reassuring! Did you come out alone or did you bring a friend/family member with you? I've got a mate who is keen to come over and help me move in for a couple of days but I'm not sure if this is for the best, although it would be nice for someone to help with putting by bed together and traipsing round Ikea getting girlie bits! IS there normally many people around in the last couple of weeks of the holidays?

    Ulsterman - it took 9 weeks to get cleared but they are more than happy for you to phone and ask how things are getting on.
  3. hi ulsterman - I am still going through security clearance as well and I was appointed in March! And although I have rung them twice about it they really are just saying that they have no influence on the check. Mind you I applied for the secondary supply pool in Germany and maybe supply isn't priority at the moment. Still, I would really like to know where I stand so that I can make plans, if only to tell my current school what's going to happen next year. They are not sure how to plan me in. Best of luck to you in any case.

  4. Longstockings - I made a friend travel over with me because I'd never driven on the right before and I'm a bit of a wimp. Friend stayed for about 4 days which was good because there was no-one else around. I didn't meet the rest of my team until the first day of term but it may be different where you will be. I think I met your HT yesterday at HT Seminar - seems friendly enough!
  5. Thanks Blackstuff, I reckon I will take my friend up on her offer after all then! The driving on the right is certainly a bit of a worry as I can be a bit of a dozy driver at the best of times. I'm all sorted to go now but I'm still waiting to here where I'll be living
  6. or even 'hear' where I am living!
  7. I think bringing a friend sounds ok, she can easily get back to Stansted from Muenster Osnabruck airport on airberlin.com

    You should be met by your headteacher when you arrived and shown round.

    Sounds like things are getting going now. Hope it all goes really well.
  8. scout55/ulsterman
    If it makes you feel any better I got accepted to the primary pool in early March and haven't got my lcearance through yet. I emailed them a couple of days ago and they said that it was still being processed but I would recieve a copy when it was completed. I am going to do supply for a while and hope a job comes up, as I had to give 2 terms notice from my current job abroad....the wait goes on....
  9. bananna 15 - thanks for tellimg me. Makes me feel better indeed. I had really almost written it off. I have a job at the moment, also abroad. The contract is for another year and I have to give a month notice. I am really hoping to leave before the year is over though. What type of pool are you in? Is is for a permanent post you are waiting for or supply like me? I have never seen anyone write on here who went for a supply job with SCE. Lets see what happens then - nice to know I am not the only one who is hanging on.
  10. mands38

    mands38 New commenter

    Be cautious with SCE I had to send them 3 security questionnaires as they kept losing them! They took forever to clear me, and I had been a Territorial Army Officer for 10 years!!!! Chase them at all times!! Life in Germany has changed majorly over the last few years, I have spent the last 3 years there living as a dependant but working on the German Net. That was better fun, as it still had the fun element with out the 'bitching' now common within SCE. A friend of mine works for them and tells me it's unreal. However this is my own experience, I gave up on them due to their incompetence. Hope you all have better luck.
  11. Hi i am just about to start my probation year in August and am thinking of going abroad to teach next year. I have been searching on the web for information and am not having much luck. Could anyone suggest where i can find out information or who i could contact.
  12. Mands38 - Must be the school your friend is at. I started in January and haven't experienced any 'bitching'...unlike my previous UK job! The girls in recruitment were excellent to me, keeping me up to date with everything, holding my hand through the mountain of paperwork, answering all my questions. Security clearance took about 31/2 months but isn't it outside agencies that do this, not SCE?

  13. mands38

    mands38 New commenter

    My info is from someone in seniority at SCE HQ!
  14. welshlass

    welshlass New commenter

    Hi! I am about to start a Primary PGCE while my husband is also a teacher of Drama (Secondary). What would our chances be of working in the same area of BFG? We really fancy working abroad and like the idea of Forces schools but obviously would want to work in the same area - does anyone know if this would happen or are we hoping for too much?
  15. Hi, I am a new user to this site and would really appreciate any information about where to access job vacancies in British Forces overseas schools. Many thanks
  16. Zig


    You can find job ads for SCE in the TES, usually in the overseas section, or you can check their web at www.sceschools.com
  17. I just wanted to add something as I was a student of a British Forces School - the schools are fairly small and well-funded, the atmosphere is very community-spirited, and many of the staff have remained friends long after I left. I would recommend SCE without a doubt and hopefully will join them myself one day.

    ps you won't be sent to the Falklands!
  18. Hi.
    I have recently gradtuated as a BA (hons)Primary Teacher, with QTS - specialising in PE.
    I have been interested in teaching in the forces and have spoke to people who say that it is really nice, small classes - who have taught in Cyprus.
    With being an NQT i wasn't sure if I was able to look into this now, or have to be fully qualified!?
    If anyone can help me look into this further and set me off with applying, I would greatly appreciate it!
  19. Yes SCE do recruit NQT's. You will have to look for the TES advert or check the SCE schools website. In a nutshell there are two ways to apply for any teaching vacancies with SCE:
    1. From their adverts
    2. If you are a dependant (married to someone already posted to an SCE area) then you can approach an individual school with your details for any Supply work (always a good way to get a foot in the door).
    Some areas of SCE have both Secondary Schools and Primary schools and there are also Middle Schools.
    Schools can be found in Germany, Gibraltar, Cyprus, Brunei, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Falkland Islands and Belize
  20. Thats great - thank you for the advice & info.
    I'm beinging to panic that I haven't a post yet!Thank you!

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