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Teaching in British Forces Schools

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by longstockings, Feb 26, 2005.

  1. I was lucky and there was a house waiting for me when I arrived!!! But I've had friends who have come over and been put in a hotel for a few months. It just depends on whether there is any houses free at the time. A good head will help you get accommodation. My house isn't on camp, its about a half hour drive into work, which is even longer in the winter!!
  2. Did you get a whole house to yourself? how many rooms are there?! Sounds quite exciting - I really thought I would be in the mess for quite a while. I've stayed in an RAF Officers Mess a few times which was OK but a bit like being a student - I'm not too fussed though because its probably a good way to make friends.
    Thanks for the posts! Any advice or info is most appreciated.

    Still waiting for the phonecall.....!
  3. I'm interested in teaching in Forces schools. Could anyone please let me know how I can apply??
  4. I've got a 2 bedroom house, all to myself!!! Some quarters are 3 bedrooms, and some have 2 bedroom flats. But you don't have to share. It's like student live again, but with money!!! It's an unreal situation, as you socialise with people you would never think you would, due to all being placed somewhere where you have all been the "new person"! You will find everyone really friendly and helpful, as everyone has had to do the masses of paperwork, and believe me you get more when you move!!!

    I'm in a secondary school, so the job was advertised in the TES by the school. I'm not really too sure how the primary pool system works
  5. Alison - have a look at the first couple of pages of this link for details on how to apply. They advertise all posts in the TES - they normally come up as 'MOD Various' Good luck!
  6. Yey!! Got a job finally! In North West Germany - not really sure if I'm allowed to say where or not though. Very excited - thanks for all the support people!

  7. what school?
  8. Well where are you?! I would love to find out more about the place from someone but worry that everyone who reads this link will know who I am once get there as there is only one other new teacher at the school! - It's in the Osnabruck/Munster region.

    Does anyone find it useful to know much German? Used to be good when I was young but totally **** now - could do with some lessons if anyone in London is reading this an will give me some!
  9. Wellington or Malborough?

  10. Oh sod it...neither of those two but the other one in the area that is not Oxford. If I get people going round calling me longstockings now I shall not be best pleased! Any goss or info much appreciated!
  11. Very nice, lots of resources etc. It is a middle school with Key Stage Two and Three.

    Nice town to live in.

    Don't know where you are in the UK but air links to Stansted from Muenster airport FMO on airberlin.com are very well priced.

  12. Yes I can't wait. I've already looked up flights home etc - probably end up getting the good old north sea ferries home to see the family though because I'm from Lincolnshire.
  13. Yes that is a good route. I am not in the same area as you will be but getting the that ferry is very easy and it is a good route. You can use forcestravel.com to get a price as you are MOD employed.
  14. Andim or anyone,

    Because I live in part furnished house, they have offered me the maximum baggage allowance and suggested that I might want to take my bed over. Is it worth the hassle? are the beds in the flats pretty grotty?
    Also, I'm having to start packing now as I'm at the end of my contract where I live and will be storing stuff at the parents till I go, but do the MOD provide any form of packing boxes? or shall I just buy my own strong cardboard ones and hope for the best?

    Thankyou in advance if you can help!
  15. p.s how do I pack a double mattress?!
  16. My advice will be bring everying you have as this will make your stay a little more comfortable but you can also request all the missing items of furniture that you do not have from the MOD. Yes the beds are poor!

    It is very easy to pack, you don't. You are entitled to the full moving service and that means you just leave them to pack everything.

    An assessor will call a couple of weeks before you move to work out how many men and vans you will need. They will then arrive with boxes, men, packing tape etc etc...

    We moved from a very large house and they arrived at 6:30am and they had everything finished by about 5 or 6 pm. They were brilliant.

    You need to tell the movements people that you need to move out of your house now as they may be able to take and sort your goods ready for your move, you will have to check that out but I am sure that is still in the contract?!
  17. Thanks andim - I'll give them a call.
  18. Just a momentary panic - I've recieved all my forms from the SSO and they say that I am on a waiting list for a Officers Married Quarter. Is this normal seeing as I am a single person? Just having images of being in a family sized pad surrounded by parents and kids from school away from where the action is!

    Any advice please!

    Andim - have got the full FMS packing service so just chucking all my stuff in a van pretty much as it is and driving back to parents avoiding all speed bumps.
  19. I'm in an officers married quarter in the same area as you, and mine is a 2 bed biggish flat amid most of the other single teachers. There are no families near me although I do see them trekking past from time to time. I also manage to speak remarkably little German much to my shame. I find it hard to make the effort because of working and living among English speakers. Its odd living in the middle of your colleagues because you end up socialising with the same people you work with all day long, but you're nver lonely
  20. Longstockings, how long did your security clearance take? I was appointed to a SCE high school in Germany in late May. I'm currently going through clearance and was just wondering how long I should expect to wait. My own school does not expect me to work my notice, so I hope to maybe start in September, but maybe I'm totally unrealistic.

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