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Teaching in British Forces Schools

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by longstockings, Feb 26, 2005.

  1. Hey fluteman, thanks for reviving my thread. I reckon as a secondary NQT you can pick and choose slightly. You get the added bonus I think, that if you held out for a job in the pool and didn't hear by mid june - there will probably be loads of NQT jobs going spare and if you end up with a less than ideal post for you for the long term, it is quite acceptable for an NQT to move on from their NQT school after their first year. There is always supply teaching in London to tide you over if your gamble on waiting for the pool doesn't take off! You can get up to £140 a day.

    I'm still waiting with baited breath for 'THE PHONECALL' from SCE offering me a wonderful job and I got accepted onto the pool in March this year. I was told that security clearance takes about 8 weeks (which passed this weekend!) and that offers aren't made until this is done. Fingers crossed eh. I can't wait to get out there and be within driving distance of the rest of Europe. Go for it and I really hope you get accepted.

    I would look back at earlier postings on this thread to see what other people think about life in SCE.
  2. just writing for a moan really. Called up SCE this morning just to see how the clearance process was going and was told that they are still awaiting some checks back for me. I can't be put on the database until these are complete. Very frustrating. I asked if anyone else in the pool has been offered jobs yet and was told no, so I'm hoping it's a problem for eveyone not just me. Is anyone else in this situation?

    fluteman - are you secondary or primary and did you go for an interview for the Primary NQT pool? I am suprised that they told you about jobs going- were these primary or secondary? Getting a bit paranoid now!

  3. hola me amiga,

    yeah, it was a primary nqt pool.

    i hear tomoro, but considerin i was unsuccessful with a job near home today, i'm not feelin too hopeful about sce, find out tomoro, fingers crossed!

    hope all goes well for u longy

    flute man
  4. hi longstockings - just to let you know I am also still waiting for security clearance and I went for interview in March. I am secondary and applied for the supply pool. No idea what is happening next or if anything is going to happen next. Received my letter two months ago to say I am in the pool but for now I seem to be in limbo. I am teaching in Germany already and in theory I could still leave for September if SCE got in touch quickly. Like you I feel slightly impatient now since my school has been asking if they can count me in for next year. I said yes for now.....
  5. thanks for replies guys - glad to know I'm not alone!

    Was just confused fluteman because I must have missed to advert for the NQT pool, I look most weeks and didn't see an advert. You will prob have found out if you have been accepted soon so let me know!
  6. sleepy

    sleepy New commenter

    Don't mean to be the bearer of bad news guys but i know amongst the primary jobs in sce - there have been schools that have needed to lose staff this year - so those staff have been moved around to fill any vacancies. That doesn't mean they won't take anyone on from the pool this year... but i'm not sure how many jobs there will be up for grabs. x
  7. hi there, i would like to teach in the forces school as a NQT. i havent even stared my pgce yet but from whatt i have read it seems to me that you should try and get interviewed for the pool asap in the year. This gives you as much as possible for an offer then if you dont hear anything perhaps a domestic offer will rock up. This is my plan. does anyone have any better ideas for maximising chances. maybe have done something differently so they wouldnt have the dilemma of whether to hang in there or take an offer within the uk.
  8. have been reading this thread with interest. Is my second year teaching at a primary school in Germany with SCE. It is a fantastic opportunity and I would never regret doing it! I intend to stay as long as I can. The money is great and a whole world has opened up! Sce can be a bit slow. My clearance didn't come through until the day before I had to resign... Don't give up. It's certainly worth it!!
  9. Its true that some SCE schools are having to redeploy staff, but they are also committed to taking on a certain number of NQT's so don't be put off. I know of at least 1 school that has already appointed an NQT for September already.
  10. alright everyone,
    whats the cost of living like in cyprus? meals, drinks, getting a car etc. Bascially how much of your wage are you likely to save if you are an NQT? Are you likely to save more in cyprus or germany? I also heard that if you are outside the UK for more than 150 days then you dont get taxed? (not sure about that one). but help would be great.
  11. You can save money if you are in Germany or Cyprus and the living costs will be about the same in the end. As a single, or married with no children NQT the location will not matter.

    At the moment if you are married with Children then you may be better off financially in Germany but things migh also change as there has been a review of COLA and at the moment I have no idea what is going ot happen to it. If it is cut then you would be in the same position in either location.

    Have you been offered a school? Try to let us know which one and we might be able to offer some advice!

  12. Tax part not true. As a UK based employee you pay all the same stoppages as you would at home
  13. thanks red riding hood, your message made me feel much better. I just feel like I'm hanging on a thread - I really want to go - It's countdown week now! Sorry my replies are so slow - internet has been a bit dodgy at the mo.
  14. Gutted.

    Just phoned SCE and they said that I am fully cleared and up on their database now, but there are no jobs for september that they know of at the moment and there is not likely to be unless some emergency ones come up. Guess that means I'm stuck in blightly for a while longer!
  15. For anyone who is intersted - in a dramatic turn of events on the 31st I got a call from SCE saying that they need to take a few teachers on contract for last minute posts for september and could I resign that day - said that I had to be willing to take any post offered and I don't know where that will be.

    Have done the deed and am now waiting to find out where I need to go - they said I could be waiting up till august to find out where. Very excited but a bit apprehensive as well. Big sigh of relief!
  16. I thought that would probably happen. Good luck, well done and let us all know where you are going.
  17. cheers andim - just going throught the mounds of paperwork now!
  18. I came to Germany 3 years ago as NQT, and am still here!! I teach in a secondary school. It's a completely different life to UK, and would recommend it to anyone.
    Do you know where your being posted yet?
    It's still not confirmed about COLA yet.
  19. I'm not sure where I'm going to be posted yet - they think Germany or Cyprus and I have been sent through a contract and details for both.

    Forcesteacher - were you placed in a mess or other accommodation - what is it like liviing in the mess?
  20. Mess living is OK, like a good BandB but depends on where you are, you would only be there for a very short time. Fill out your A10 from asap when you know where you are going and then sit and wait. You will be sorted out, a good headteacher helps in this situation as they can help you along the housing ladder.

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