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Teaching in British Forces Schools

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by longstockings, Feb 26, 2005.

  1. I went to the website and found this.

    'Completed applications should be sent to the appropriate address as stated on the job advert. Please note that application forms should only be submitted in response to job adverts. Applications for non-specific jobs will be rejected.'

    So, smart ****, is the pool a specific job?

  2. feene - thanks for the message, hope you had a good easter. I've just dragged myself out of bed after four days of killer flu. Oh the joy.

    miseryguts - please see bottom of post 36. The SCE advertise for people to specifically join a pool normally in January but I believe they occasionaly advertise at other times of the year. Other jobs (normally subject/management posts) are advertised seperately.

    emsywemsy- you should ring the SCE HQ and ask them. They did say that NQT's could join the pool a couple of years ago and that counts as your NQT year but I'm not sure if this hasn't changed.

    dejana - I would call SCE also. Sorry I can't be more helpful!
  3. miseryguts - the pool is a group of interviewed and security checked teachers so the SCE can supply schools with teachers for general posts as and when they arise. The interviews are in London and all details are posted on a central database thing for Heads of SCE schools. They access this when they need a teacher and then SCE contact you if the school is interested.
  4. Thanks for the civil reply longstockings. I would love to take my family to another country for the experience (in my youth I lived in Sierra Leone, Algeria, and Kenya). I taught in a ****e school in Doha and am now very anxious regarding the risks, especially as I would like to stay in an overseas job for a good number of years. The British Forces Schools seem a good way of getting UK schools recognised experience as well as a different lifestyle for my 2 boys.
  5. Miseryguts
    Whilst they may only accept applications for specific jobs they will speak to you on the phone. Your question was how do you apply for the pool.
    The website quite clearly states if you have any questions ring them.

    NQT's - they took them on last year
  6. Thank you for the information. xx
  7. cvc



    Are you primary or secondary trained? If secondary, which subject?

    Don't mean to be mysterious, but I work in an overseas school that might be just what you're looking for. We have two vacancies to be filled.

    Don't want to give away too much info in case I get busted for touting!
  8. secondary science
  9. cvc


    Misery - science is not one of the vacancies we have. :-( for you.
  10. No problem, the search goes on...
  11. BTW cvc, have a look at the 'What to do' post (above this at time of writing) Someone there needs a job.
  12. sorry, 'What to do' THREAD
  13. CVC - please look at my posting 'What to do@ really need job for Husband, primary teacher, read the thread to see our whole situation. Hope you can help!
  14. Hi there. My name is Kirsten. My husband is in the forces and has just been posted to Cyprus. I am a secondary Sciene teacher. I an desperate to get a teaching job there. Any ideas where teaching vacancies are advertised? Have had no luck with SCE website yet.
    Thanks for any advise you can offer.
  15. Hi Kirsten,
    Just pop into King Richard (?) secondary school and sign up for supply and you will be kept reasonably busy. Also, do supply at both primary schools - Akrotiri and Episkopi (excuse spellings). From past experience especially on Cyprus dependent teachers get first refusal generally. Good Luck - but at least it is not a bad place to be not working!!! There is always the beach life.
  16. Hi all, hope everyone is well, this is to everyone, primarily longstockings, i've got an interview for the SCE NQT pool on tues, really am excited bout prospect of teachin abroad, within the forces community and experiencing the culture of SCE. I am a male nqt, specialising in music and french a level. Without meaning to sound like i am positioned nicely up my own ****, if i was successful, how long b4 i received confirmation and how long b4 i was picked for a job? I have an interview at a school near by on thurs, really like the school, but much rather work in the SCE situation.

    What do I do? Sorry if i'm sounding a little confident, just not sure whether to accept the job if it was remotely offered to me on thurs or if i was remotely accepted into the pool, whether to hold out...

    How should i put this to the SCE at interview?


    Would really appreciate some feedback

    Take care all

  17. Is it an NQT pool or are they specific NQT jobs? It would be worth trying to find out how many NQTs there are going to be.

    If it is a pool you do have to wait and see (they tell you if you are on the pool the next day but you would have to wait to see if there was a job). If it is a specific job then you would find out the next day and be intouch with the school about all your arrangements.
  18. Cheers, I really appreciate you taking the time to respond andim. If was remotely was successful in getting into the pool, would you advise holding out and seeing if i get a job with the SCE or would you take a job in the uk if i was successful at interview?

    I'm really excited about the prospect of teaching within the SCE and within another culture/environment/situation.

    I am 21 and no real ties, but do want to commence my NQT year in september. I'm worried that if i don't and chill out for a year, then I'l lose motivatio to teach and at present, I'm really enjoyin it/want to continue wihtin SCE.

    My interview is tomoro, prob won't even be accepted but i should be optimistic i guess.

    i'v got another interview on thurs and the school is lookin for a male who speaks french and has music, which I fit.

    That'd would be a wkd school to work at, ut want to escape England, don't want to get settled down in English teaching... rock on SCE

    is it that wkd?

    hope you and anyone else can help me

    sorry to have made this rather long, if u'v made it this far, really well done

    take care all

    flute man
  19. I don't know the answer to your questions as it is a pool. This means you may never get a job, on the ohter hand you might get one very quickly.

    I know this does not help at all!
  20. Hi all,

    Thanks for gettin back to me admin

    I went for an interview today with the SCE for an NQT primary pool in germany and poss cyprus. There are 5 jobs and 15 interviewees.

    I am really excited about the prospect of teaching within SCE, however, can somebody please give me a concise but also detailed... (if that's possible) synopsis of life within SCE. Teaching, social, general life, activities, holidays, life in school, school environments, other staff, head teachers, kids...

    I felt the interview went relatively well, the little angels grilled me, one looked bored, but I spoke a lot, felt i had lots of ideas and answered all questions... prob won't be successful, but if i am, i need to confirm when they cal in two days.

    Some answers to my quesiton regarding life as a teacher within SCE would be splendid

    Have a good one urselves fellow teachers


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